One thought on “Hollywood Tourism & Sign Traffic KABC 09 30 18 742AM

  1. Lets start the list
    the loud tourists who before they leave, they throw their trash bags on the side of the streets. loud screaming and always double parking. we need a gated neighborhood from Scenic drive, we need more western traffic division to control the traffic and the SO SO SO many violators or driving law who are failing to stop a the stop signs, who need to slow down, the super booom boooom music and not to mention the pot smoker that is invading our houses days and nights. someone will get hurt in the very near future. we the neighbors are fed up with the city proposal and we demand our quiet streets. Hollywood hills is no long ours anymore thanks for the mayor that keeps erecting more and more buildings. we requested speed bumps never happened and I have no idea what kind of city we have that charges an arm and a leg but do nothing about it. WE NEED OUR PEACE BACK.

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