Hill Country wineries seeing surge in jobs, tourism and interest

and welcome back 625 you know when we pour a glass of wine there’s a big chance it was most likely made in California but the Texas Hill Country is starting to be known as having some of the top vineyards in the country making it a thirteen billion dollar industry a quarter of the National Association of American wineries the over four thousand acres of wine country in Texas bring over a hundred and four thousand jobs and tourists to spend seven hundred and sixteen million dollars in the Lone Star State our Sara Costa spoke with the vineyard manager at William Chris in Fredericksburg about how the wine industry in the hill country has changed over the past 15 years we’ve needed Barnes get a white table you know our plastic tables chairs and sit around to where now we’re renting out convention centers Evan McKibben has been managing vineyards for the past 15 years he says he remembers the good old days when there were only a handful of farmers growing grapes in the hill country beet stores that now stop things for us revenger related where before you have to go to California and get things shipped in Texas is now the fourth largest wine producer in the country behind California Oregon Washington and New York but number two when it comes to wine travel destinations in the u.s. right next to Napa close to San Antonio and also awesome so it’s kind of a perfect storm here for tourism William Chris vineyard started ten years ago they have not only ground their winery but have also refined the way they make their wine most people have heard of grape stomping but here at William Chris thank you grape punching now they’ll do this about five times a day right after those grapes are harvested for several weeks forgiving says one of the reasons he believes the industry has done so well in the hill country they have learned what grows well with the sandy soil and climate and what doesn’t now they are perfecting what they do best so what we’re starting to see your roses are getting big in Texas our climate can make a really good rose a that would rival any any rose a production but be given fast winemaking isn’t just about the farming it’s a romantic art he believes Texans have big hearts to make a great pour well I think just being a Texan you have really strong personalities we don’t give up you know we keep we keep moving forward Sara Houston case at 12 fees you

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