Highlights | Gran Turismo ‘World Tour 2019 – Nürburgring’

After winning Nürburgring last year
I feel better and maybe stronger because I’ve learned a lot in the last world tours.
I hope to do very well also here. Not only is Nürburgring legendary in the world of motorsport
but it’s also gonna be interesting to see how the world tour grows from last year’s event
since it was held at the same venue last year as well. I think for us to be able to go there
showcases how far sim racing has come. Of course there is a pressure because
I’m the defending champion of this world tour. For me personally
I don’t really feel that much pressure at all as I’m just trying to have fun being relaxed
enjoy the whole trip itself. Pressure is always there.
I don’t care what anyone says when they say ”Oh I’m not feeling it I’m feeling great.”
It’s always gonna be there. But at the same time I feel calm
and determined to do well. I try to think of it as the same
as if I’m racing at home. Because that’s when I feel the most comfortable
and I’m able to get the most out of it. So I kind of try to find my zone, and not necessarily be conscious of the fact
that I’m surrounded by all these cameras and what not. I love it I actually yeah, I get the rush of… you get nervous you get the pressure but I
absolutely enjoy getting in there. If you do a mistake it’s over for you. And that’s how a race actually
should be in my opinion, less forgiving. Ready to get the race underway,
The TOYOTA GR Supra GT Cup exhibition final is underway. Here at the Nürburgring and down towards the first corner
who is gonna manage to hold onto the lead or who’s gonna try and take the lead, you can see everybody darting into the
slipstream down to the first corner. Latkovski is challenged by Maraglino who is trying to get
all the way around the outside of turn number one. That is very aggressive early doors, he has to hold off his charge for the race lead on this. The final lap and Maraglino going around the outside of Latkovski He’s gonna have the inside line for the following right-hander,
he’s got the move done, and keep an eye out for Coque Lopes versus Yamanaka! … in the last place you want to be in as they come on through
to the straight Latkovski is wide! He runs wide! And here comes Lopez down the inside
what a move there from Coque Lopez! GR GT Supra Cup exhibition final
here at the Nürburgring, Maraglino wins! Salvatore Maraglino! I think that we have a really strong
manufacturer for this race. So I’m definitely gonna try and push it
to the limit in order to show what our car can really do. Also it starts on my birthday so with the travel on my birthday which is pretty cool. To me coming over to Europe and simracing
so uh, pretty good birthday present. Turning 30 and getting to do what I love. The 2019 World Tour 2 – Grand Final
for the Manufacturers Series is underway. In towards turn number two keep it nice and clean
here lads, as Chevrolet getting very close. And also Aston Martin there, on the inside!
BMW gets tagged by Audi! Here comes Toyota trying to find their way
through against Aston Martin. And Yamanaka does find his way through again
Angelo Schut in the Aston Martin. Here comes Porsche, starting their way down inside,
side by side they run with Mercedes-Benz. And through with absolute ease.
That was so easy. Still running side by side, Mercedes
with the outside line, at track position. And now taking over fifth place.
… descending on the inside of Porsche! And their position, they’re nearly side-by-side
there’s contact between them. and Aston Martin are into the wall! The winner of this race will win
the series here at the Nürburgring. Here comes Latkovski, they’re side by side.
This is amazing! for the Manufacturers Series final! Latkovski on the inside,
Bishop on the outside in the Toyota. Oh! He goes off! They’re side by side still! And Toyota and Simon Bishop take victory
here in the Manufacturers Series final! I think what makes the Nürburgring
very cool is the atmosphere. And of course it’s very cool
to have a track in the middle of the forest, that’s why it’s called ‘the Green Hell’. I think being a part of the grid walk
whether you’re your driver you’re competitor, or you’re just a massive fan of racing,
It’s the atmosphere! We are go for the Grand Final
here at the Nürburgring World Tour Two. Igor Fraga leads us down to the first corner. Round the route looking on
the outside Latkovski as well. Mangano inside and pushed wide Adam Suswillo
what a terrible start for the Brit. Will Fraga retain the lead, look to left your screen.
Lopez is out ahead of Fraga! Here comes the Latkovski here he has a sneaky look up the inside of Fraga, they’re side by side! He’s up the inside! He’s pushing him wide
and Latkovski gets into second position! Latkovski has to try and invent something he’s
so close nobody knows at all! Latkovski nearly spins! He loses out! What a Nations Cup finally we have!
Lopez defensive Fraga tries long way around! Latkovski into the back of Lopez! Big Drama! Igor Fraga wins the Nations Cup final! Over the line he comes, Fraga is on top!
A brilliant race from the Brazilian Driver!

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  1. Gran turismo: makes world tour
    See the car got hit by a another car
    Penalty:i sleep
    Me:playing Gran Turismo on nurburgring
    Crash another's car accidentally
    Penalty:*I WAKE*

  2. gt sport is a great game and community! but its 2019 and theres no dynamic weather?…
    still love you! but this hurts…

  3. Love these events! Cody you were so close in both races mate, fingers crossed you get that win next time! 🇦🇺✌🏻

  4. Tiene que ser una sensacion indescriptible formar parte de ello. Bravo por la organización y por hacer feliz a los fans de los deportes de conducción 👍👍👍

  5. Great show as always Gran Turismo! The people, the game, the organisation of it all!
    "Driving with The Best!" | "Возиме со најдобрите!" | "Besuto to unten suru!"

  6. At these competition, is the game's own penalty system activated or is everything looked at and judged by actual people?

    I would assume its the latter.

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