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NARAYANA Now we are at Hedathale Lakshmi Kantha Swamy temple How did this place derive the name Hedathale? What is the specialty of this temple? How to reach here? Come Let’s see all of these My name is Narayana Since last 31years, I have been serving this God This temples name is Lakshmi Kantha Swamy Temple Hedathale is the name of this village From Nanjangud it is 12 kms This temple is a Thrikutachala Thrikutachala means there are three main worship place within one temple Lakshmi Kantha, Lakshmi Narasimha, Venugopala These three gods are there. This was built in 1182 C E Hoysala Veera Ballala III got this temple constructed, thus its written in the inscriptions Can you see the elephant here What happened was Hoysalas Balla III was the ruler Then the sculptor makes a promise That on such an such a day, such an such time before Sunrise I will complete the temple and go from here He constructed the temple Last day, the Elephant work was to be done He started sculpting By the time he comes to this part the sun rises So at that point he stops Come on this side See He has made the sketch A rough sketch but he didnt finish You can make out right, that its an elephant It was all buried underneath During renovation they found all these one by one Pooje timing 7;00 -9:30 am evening 6:30- 8:30 Sri Lakshnikanta swamy temple 16 faced Mantapa There is a reason why this place got the name Hedathale Actually its not hedathale, its Yedathale yeda means Left Back in those days Koundilya Maharishi was believed to be around this area Here Koundilya Maharishi installed the Venugopala Then Venugopala told him that you give blessings for progeny to all those who come and ask you Thus he was installed as Santana (child or progeny ) Venugopala by Koundilya Maharishi There was a river called Koundi back then, now it doesn’t exist At the bank of that river in various places rishis (Sage) Used to do Homa and Havana These poor Rishis used to do Homa Havana and poornahavathi which is done at the end At that time, somewhere here was a Rakshasa (Demon) He was enormously huge He would come running at that exact time and Stamp that homa Or pour blood over it This way he would spoil their homa They could not do anything No way he could be controlled As he was of Huge size and that too a Rakshasa Then these rishis when to Koundilya Maharishi and requested him For a solution to their problem How to get protection from him? So Koundilya Maharishi does penance to Narayana Narayana appears before him Asks him, What is it Rishi? So he requests for the Rakshasa to be killed. Thus Narayana Kills the Rakshasa In Kannada big tree is known as Hemmara Grown in big size That Rakshasas legs were as huge as a Huge tree So you can imagine how tall he would have been Narayana cut both the legs of the Rakshasa and threw it one side That place is known as Hemm(HUGE) mara(Tree) Kaala (legs) Translates to mean the legs which were like a huge trees Now its called Hemmmaragala Narayana cuts that Rakshasas head and Throws it to the left side of the place That head comes and falls in this village Hence Yeda (left) thale(head) The head which fell on the left side In Sanskrit this place was known as Vamashura Nagara in olden days Now it’s known as Yedathale And in common usage has become Hedathale Even here the small banana bunch style This is in Hoysala style thereafter Also there are four tigers Hoysalas emblem was tiger Bhimanna Dandanayaka the palyegara (ruler) got this 16 faced Chavadi constructed Chavadi means a place where three to four people gather and discuss good things This is 16 faced Chavadi This chavadi has 16 faces Now if I sit on a seat, This seat is 3 feet above the ground This way there are 16 seats That’s why its called 16 faced Each seat is considered as a face Hence 16 faces Each seat is facing a different direction Now I am sitting on facing the North This seat is facing the west So this is west and north again here is west and there a north So we have four four faces see here That face is towards south That is facing west So south and west eight faces Again you can see here This is face East The one next to it is North Again next is East and North So total four into four is 16 faces There was a palyegara (ruler) here named Bhimanna Dandanayaka He got this 16 faced Chavadi constructed Why did he get it Constructed? It was because he had 16 daughters He got all 16 daughters married So including their husband they were 32 The king and the queen had a desire like all of us that To See their daughters frequently But if they visit their daughters turn by turn, then the administrative requirements of the place would suffer as they were 16 of them If they go to one house then the other may complain Then the other would complain with these issues, to find a solution They would fix a day and invite all of them over So they all would come to Hedathale The Kind Queen daughters and the son in laws would all gather here From morning to evening pass time for entertainment they had singing concert, a dance programme, or some cultural programme it was Kings time, no dreath of luxury or food till evening they would pass time and return to their respective homes In this situation where all gather and talk King and Queen had a confusion That which one out of the 16 son in law s
seated there out of these 16, who is which son in law If there were few it would have been easy to remember But with 16 son in laws who is the 5th who is the 15th ? It was causing great confusion So to identify the right son in law He thought how this can be done So he gets this16 faced Chavadi built As i have shown you After constructing the 16 faced chavadi what he does is in each seat get each pair to sit
In numerical order Daughter & Son-in-law 16 seats for 16 pairs Each seat each pair They were made to sit in numerical order 1 -2 – 3 – 4- 5 – 6 – 7 – 8… that way in an order Come I will show you This was seat 1 the eldest daughter and son in law used to sit here Second pair here third here and so on up to 16 Now no confusion Now where do King and Queen sit? There was a Mantapa behind the gate I forgot to mention one thing till 1998 this was an abandoned temple Rain water used to come in There used to be mud everywhere Dogs used to sleep here It was in bad condition In 1998 Dr. Veerendra Hegde of Dharmasthala Saw this temple and took up restoration work Then TVS Motors, Venu Srinivasan and Gopal Srinivasan Both the owners Took care of all the expenses The main reason for this was Sri Sri Sri Rangapriya Mahadeswhwaran Mahaswamy Through him only got their contacts Through these generous benevolent people They took care of restoration During the restoration time here was a mantapa The Mantapa here was removed How the Mantapa was From here it was 4 feet inside like a room A mantapa 3 feet inside the gate 5 feet height was a seat The other seats here are 3 feet height The King and queen would sit on it and see They could see everything in this angle everyone were visible This center place was the stage Here music, singing dance was held All could see this place from where they sat One specialty of this chavadi was In our Hindu culture Two generations before There was a practice, Mother in law would not see her son-in –law directly face to face The minute he comes they would go in Even to give food or refreshments they would send it through others It never used to happen that she would face them directly and enquire about their well being Now that practice is no more The generation has changed This practice was there before 60 years This 16 faced chavadi has a history of 350-360 years This practice back then how strong it would have been We can imagine how strict it would have been See how its built Keeping that practice in mind King sits here For the King can see all 32 people all his daughters and son in laws Where as But the queen can only see her daughters The daughter’s husband sitting next to them are not visible to Queen This is the specialty of this 16 faced Chavadi This is a proof that architects existed back then All these distance are different May be they have used some geometric theorem to align these pillars How it is aligned is But the queen can only see her daughters King can see both I will show you the demo The place where you are is the queen’s place See for her, the daughter is visible not son in law This is third seat Here daughter Here son in law 4th daughter son in law 5th daughter, son in law This is seventh daughter This is seventh son in law 6th daughter, son in law 6th son in law So this was for queen Now I will show for the King See for King This daughter this son in law both visible Daughter here Son in law See for King he is able to see both Daughter here here son in law Daughter son in law, he can see all now 7th one 7th daughter 7th son in law all were visible to him this is 6th daughter 6th son in law so this way King could see all of them Queen can see only her daughters not the son in laws the distance of the pillars were calculated and arranged such so what happens is half seat is visible half seat is not visible This is the specialty of this 16 faced chavadi How is the Lakshmi Kantha here ? Each of Narayanas Murthy’s, Vishnu Moorty The appearance of Lakshmi Kantha is Shanka, Chakra is held in the front like this Gadha, Puspha will be facing upward Generally Narayana, will be with Shanka chakra here Gadha Padma wil be the posture But Lakshmi Kantha will be like this It is in reverse The intention of this is In our Sri Vaishnava Culture Sri Ramanujacharyas Sri Vishista Advaitha in that There is a procedure called Shama shrayanam That means the “wearing of the symbol” Chakra on the right hand and left hand Shanka Like this , in our Matta, Swamy after doing the Sudarshana Homa In the Homa they would put the Shanka chakra heat it And then press the Chakra on the right hand and Shanka on the left hand This would get burnt and make a permanent mark Only after doing this was one considered purified So this Lakshmikantha calls all to undergoing this procedure of Shama shrayanam
Or wearing of the symbol That is why this is the posture This is Lakshmi Kantha on the left is Lakshmi Narashima Shantha(Peaceful) statue which means When the wife is sitting on the lap, the husband cannot be angry because of which as Lakshmi is sitting on the lap, Lakshminarsimha is sitting peacefully Facing North is Venugopala Generally this statue of venugopala is a little taller than the other statues of venugopala around here Near Hemmmaragala is Venugopala Himavadgopala Swamy there also its Venugopala When compared to all these places our Venugopala is 1 feet taller One speciality here is behind Krishna, Venugopala generally is the Adishesha But here in our temple Adishesha is not there

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