Hawaii Volcano Affecting Tourism

speaking of flights many people are weary of summer trips to Hawaii because of the volcanic eruption and the natural disaster is affecting tourists and travel agents alike here in Kentucky Tiye davidson joins us with more well many people heading to the Big Island are nixing vacation plans costing the state and travel agents millions of dollars so far cancellations from May through July of this year have hit at least five million dollars bookings for hotels and tours have dropped 50 percent and some cruise ships are even deciding not to port at the Big Island Melinda Patton the travel specialist with Travel Leaders in Danville says the volcano isn’t affecting many other parts of the state including a number of other tourist hotspots I actually have clients that very recently and they aren’t traveling to those islands at all so I would also say you know there’s other islands and then those islands are not affected at all Patton says she could be used to book trips to Hawaii and despite some concerned customers her clients have not cancelled any trips to date Angie back to you our idea thanks

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