21 thoughts on “Hawaii Tourism Authority takes action on information about Kilauea eruption

  1. How about setting that money aside to help the people without insurance who lost everything…tourism…pffffst

  2. All is fine, come give us your money.. If you die that's an unfortunate accident but is not a common occurrence

  3. Nope, nope and nope…..the volcano is unpredictable…one could live with what is going on now if it was guaranteed to stay that way(and we see how well anything is guaranteed to stay that way with this thing- except maybe for the erupting and spreading lava everywhere which is the only consistent thing)…but what if something dramatic happens while you're there. Again that is a big NOPE!

  4. How about a vacation guarantee – if a defined major event does occur, all your expenses will be refunded and we will give you a free trip in the future. Should be a safe bet for the HTA.

  5. Unfortunately Hawaii depends on that tourism for income and has been experiencing a recession due to tourism decline since the early 2000's. Just Google Hawaii tourism decline

  6. Vog is the worst it's been in 100 years. don't worry if you can't see the sunset or breath. Tourism board needs new aloha shirts.

  7. Perhaps tourists have heard of Hawaii's unreasonably high price for goods or services (aka price gouging). Plus the Airline service to Hawaii is terrible and not at all customer focused.

  8. Ayyye I spotted my car and I remember seeing one camera filming and i was like …umm…😂😂. Bruh I live here in Hawaii on da big island y'all mainland people don't know do you guys live here , do you know all of da island and culture..NO!! so don't go commenting stuff like oh dey should give insurance and blah blah blah ! You dont know so be quiet!!😂😂😕😒

  9. Big Island you guys need to chill once your volcanoes done then people could go to your Island don't try to force people to come to your Island when the air is extremely bad and people are sensitive with asthma so who I suck it up and wait till it's dark. Pretending that everything's all good cuz it's not

  10. The only thing that may be a factor is; if it does blow and puts ash in the flying lanes, you may be late to return home on your holiday on the islands depending on ash amount and trade winds.

  11. In a way though, if you cant survive for even a month without tourist, you have a problem. It really illustrates how you basically sell the beauty of the island. Maybe rebuilding will give you all a boost. Many prayers for you all.

  12. i live on Oahu and feel the effects of the vog. so what do you think? these guys should be held liable for what they say. if someone takes a chance and go to Big Island, have trouble breadthing, where do they go? the residents have to fly to Oahu to get adequate medical care. do you really want to take that chance?

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