14 thoughts on “Hawaii tourism and coronavirus

  1. Can Hawaii do diligent contact tracing? Maui=negative. How about the other islands? Are rural areas within our islands that receive constant tourists everyday adequately prepared for possible cases? How will they be tested in these rural areas? If confirmed case, where will they go? How will they be transferred? Are the health centers in these areas prepared at all to receive these suspected cases?

  2. No cases in Hawaii. Translation: no confirmed cases in Hawaii because no one has been tested yet! A rather crazy state of affairs to manage a virus which can transmit easily from asymptomatic people. How are you supposed to contain the spread of this thing if you don't even test any of the potential cases?

  3. It pretty much sounded like the state saying, “we’ll take your money even if you infect all our islands with a virus, just keep giving us money” that’s just pathetic

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