Hard and Difficult Process to Visit Jerusalem | Pakistani Origin Muslim

We are waiting for the last 4 hours at the immigration to allow us to enter but it’s taking time If you look at the map of the world and find the most historical places and the first name you will see is Jerusalem It is important for all 3 big religions it is the 3rd holy city for Muslims I’m Muslim and a Pakistani by origin before 1967, East Jerusalem was part of Jordan Now the only way to visit is via Israel and if you are Pakistani It is written on the 2nd Page of Pakistani-Passport It is valid for all countries except Israel so it’s not allowed to visit Israel some Pakistani enter from Jordan on the Land Border some get in and some not the 2nd option is if you have another passport like I have a German passport so I try to enter with my German passport I was planning for a long time with a friend He is my friend Atif we are visiting together we parked the car here because it’s very expensive to park at the airport Atif came to my home he lives 1.5 hours away from here The airport is only 20 mins train from my home we arrived very early at the airport we still have a lot of time so we thought to have a coffee because flight is very long we are ready for boarding still more than an hour left but they have started the boarding This is where the story starts from the Check-in counter Let me tell you first, we are flying with EL AL Which is Israelian International Airline There are only two airlines fly from Frankfurt airport direct flights to Tel Aviv Lufthansa was very expensive more than double so we thought to save money and fly with EL AL we had no idea how hard the security checks are as soon as we reached the counter and gave them our passports and boarding cards so after scanning, she went inside and some security persons came, told us we have to go through extra security checks they asked a lot of questions family background, reasons to visit etc. normal questions, nothing serious they went inside with our passports after 15 mins they came back and told us we are allowed to fly but we were not allowed to take our handy carry with us in flight they told us to gave them all the luggage and they will put it in the main luggage compartment I thought of my expensive camera equipment to take out of my bag they told us we are only allowed to carry mobile and wallet nothing more I packed all my camera equipment just to be sure it won’t break then the security came they stripped me to my underwear and t-shirt when they scanned my jeans, its button is made of metal and sound so I had to take off my jeans then they scanned all of our clothes to be 100% sure then they allowed us to fly but we were happy that we can finally fly now when we arrived at the airport the airport is quite big we walked straight to the immigration counter it wasn’t that busy we thought we already had a security check maybe they let us in without further security checks when we arrived we gave them our passport he checked and told us to go to a corner on the side and wait there it will take some time that area was full of Arab Muslims, almost 95% all were waiting there were many people waiting before us we waited there for 2 hours and they called us in we were thinking, we can go n we went in and they told us to fill a form with all kind of information personal, family related names of father, grandfather etc. where from in Pakistan also fingerprints they told us to wait outside again we will forward your forms we were already waiting for 2 and a half hours they had all our luggage and we were hungry there was a Pakistani-British family they gave us some chocolates and snacks then they called us in for the main interview in this interview, they ask everything Atif went in before me his interview lasted almost an hour then it was my turn same questions again about family, work about travel itinerary which places are we going to visit and why they already asked my friend and he told them he wants to visit Hebron which is Palestinian city and not on the typical tourist track there are also some settlements issue in the area and they told me, my friend didn’t know why he is going to visit Hebron you tell us why I told them there is the Ibrahimi Mosque (4th holly place) and they were like do you know someone there and want to meet someone I simply told them we are only visiting we don’t know there anyone and why are you visiting Jerusalem I told them it’s our 3rd Holly city and he told us to visit first and 2nd holly cities He replied it’s not important to visit 3rd Holly city they simply didn’t want Muslims to visit Jerusalem by holding them at security checks we gave answers to all of their questions **He specifically asked for my Gmail account we are going straight to Jerusalem which is only 30mins by train directly from airport it is a fast and direct train when we reach there we will know more there is also a bus from here but train is better and fast these are German trains so we feel like being in Germany again we arrived at the Jerusalem train station and we have to see how to get to our rented apartment if we can find wifi to call uber or taxi we apartment is only 20mins of walk and my friend insisted to walk we could have taken Tram we are really tired though he is pretty tired 20mins is nothing we are at our apartment it was hard to find the way and we didn’t have the internet to check the maps it is small but quite nice right next to Old city there is also a Tram station in front we will stay here for 4 nights it’s not very expensive as well we are very hungry now it’s more than 12 hours and we ate so Let’s go and eat something This is near to our apartment to eat some sandwiches my friend wants to eat some meat I prefer vegetarian but it’s Halal here He is saying Kosher is Halal and I’m eating it Food was really tasty we loved it Jerusalem is like sitting in another European city because we are in western Jerusalem which is modern I have noticed one thing there are many young people on the streets and it’s not weekend maybe due to the weather but the weather is usually always good here we now have a look around and then we will go back to sleep so we can explore Jerusalem tomorrow Hopefully, you liked my vlog

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  1. Pakistan ka pehla youtuber jo israil gia woh bhi humare ley thanks abrar bhai isi bahane hum bhi israil dekh ley gy suna bahut hai ab dekh bhi layain gy thanks abrar bhai.

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