Happy Traveller στη Θάσο | S6E2

~ Intro song ‘Pou Eisai’ ~ Hey!!! THASSOS A new Happy Traveller begins, travelling to Greece We are in Keramoti We are going to Thassos Our tickets, Hercules! You didn’t pay … You’re a deadhead -Thasos?
-Yes, we are going to Thassos Nice Start and go there, to the end Thank you very much! Bye Nice boat You enter here and then there is another door to the exit Cool We have already started INFO
The distance between Keramoti and Thassos is 6 nautical miles.
#happytraveller We are aboard and going to Thassos Her first boat trip And for Hercules it’s his first Both of our children make their first boat trip Hi FT !!! Hello We’re almost there
The journey was 35 minutes The little one is asleep, she didn’t understand the trip Thassos is Greece’s 12th largest island, covering an area of 380 square kilometers and is one of the most tourist islands in the North Aegean We’ve arrived! We are in Thassos, specifically in the central port of the island We will come another day to explore this area and the capital For now, let’s go to the west side which is where we will stay We will stay here It is a complex of brand new autonomous maisonettes, by the sea They are very stylish and have everything we need to be comfortable More information on these brand new ‘Yalos’ maisonettes, located in Agios Sostis of Thassos, where we stayed We will put on our website at happytraveller.gr Well, I think this is the perfect place for a family holiday in Thassos Everything we need for our new data Also, the place is very quiet and in 2 steps is the sea Let’s go INFO
According to Herodotus, the island owes its name to Thassos, head of the Phoenician colonies.
#happytraveller We explore the south side of Thassos It’s the wildest but at the same time the most beautiful It has steep cliffs, picturesque bays, some well-hidden beaches and a stunning goddess The Aegean on our plate! It’s very nice, right? Thassos is beautiful and we haven’t seen anything yet On the south side of the island, built on the rocks and next to the village of Theologos, is located the most beautiful and most famous monastery of Thassos The Monastery of Archangel Michael It’s visitable and is really worth to come and take a walk inside The buildings of the monastery are incredible, very beautiful The Monastery of Archangel Michael in Thassos isn’t entirely certain when it was founded In an official document of 1287, we can find the first reference Wow, what a perfect view it has from here It is said that in 1100 AD a small church was built on this site, in which, a holy fountain was postponed Today, the holy fountain continues to rise in a cave near the sea Perfect monastery, it looks a little like the monasteries of Mount Athos and with the Meteora Imaginary We are just before the Plaza Aliki and across it has something like an islet, which has white rocks at the edge, which are marbles In the old days there was a marble quarry At that point there was also a salt pit * ‘aliki’ in greek *, to collect salt INFO
From ancient times Thassos was known for its rich underground and its white marble.
#happytraveller It has a path, let’s see it The path runs around the small peninsula It is a very pleasant walk, which you can do if you come to this area Here in this area, there were ancient quarries that functioned in both the Ancient and Roman times but also the early Byzantine period The path goes round Ancient quarries Very nice walk Because of the shady trees, even at noon you can stroll We went out to the back beach It’s nice on this side as well This is the ancient sanctuary It was founded around 650 BC On the arrival of the ancient settlers from Paros island on the island of Thassos And we got out again We came out of the entrance because we had entered the exit We got it a little bit … upside down It doesn’t matter, it’s the same We are at the southeast end of Thassos and now we have started and headed north To the east side On this side, it has some of the most famous beaches on the island Next stop, Paradeisos * ‘Heaven/Paradise’ in english * INFO
The length of the Thassos coast reaches 115 km.
#happytraveller This beach is called Paradeisos It’s south and east, on the island of Thassos and is one of the most paradise beaches on the island Look at the crystal clear waters! When you look at such a beach you understand it’s not accidental that Thassos is considered one of the islands with the best waters, all over Greece We’re leaving from here too We continue exploring the eastern side of Thassos We came here, to eat Α greek salad with Sundried (Throubes) olive oils of Thassos and fresh sardines The best Enjoy your meal -Hi Kostis
-Hi FT -How are you?
-I am fine, and you? -Are you here from the village?
-Yes -What is the name of the village?
-Kinira -Kinira?
-Yes Ιs the opposite islet,called Kinira? Yes,the Kiniriotiko Is it habitable? It has a permanent resident His home was owned by his grandparents, and now he is left alone Nice Going upwards we go to … To Skala Potamia Ok What is going on with the villages,here in Thassos? We stay in the village all winter and go down to each village’s Skala, for work in the summer. So, to see a more authentic character … You have to go up to the village Perfect! So, we’ll see the villages We came to see the largest, most famous and most popular beach of Thassos The Golden Beach Is it really golden? At that end of the beach is the Skala Potamias It has a very nice and picturesque harbor with fishing boats and an old stone building We are in the village of Potamia, one of the traditional villages of Thassos The most beautiful villages of Thassos are mountainous Down there was Skala Potamias, the small port with the beach and here is Potamia, the official village Good evening,your name? Nikos Hi Niko, are you from Potamia? -Yes
-Perfect, how many residents does the village have? 1300 Ah, it’s a big village Yes -Most stay here or down?
-Here Thanks, bye! Hercules,let’s go Stop at Panagia village, one of the most beautiful mountain villages of Thassos Come on girls Look at the nice houses it has here Very beautiful and picturesque village The only thing missing is not having cars in the village But you’ll tell me, how the locals will get in Anyway, it never ceases to be nice We reached the church The Panagia This is the main temple of the village The Panagia To be exact, the Kimisis Tis Theotokou and is located at the top of the village The village is built amphitheatrically and the church is like watching over the whole village Here are the water sources Very nice place with plane trees, shadow and lots of running water Downhill The stroller is empty and the baby is in mommy’s lap We went back to the center, our ride was very nice Let’s go back to the car We returned home We’ll have something here for dinner and then rest A new day began in Thassos We woke up, ate something and enjoyed a little morning peace and tranquility Today, I have to vist a friend who comes here in the summer and does various adventure activities We will go together for a little adventure in Thassos The family will stay here Relaxed, to rest Hercules,take care of the women Be a good watchman Bye -Hi Ilias
-Hi FT ! -What’s up?
-Good I also find you in Thassos Let’s go to the mountains Stop at Sotiras village, which is above the Skala Sotiros where we stay It is a very small and picturesque village, with a lot of greenery Thassos has a “mountain face”, similar to that, found in only a few islands in Greece It’s the least known side of Thassos and today we’ll explore it, together Greek coffee and walnuts sweet The best! Thassos is famous for its walnuts sweet We leave from the beautiful village of Sotira and go up the mountain We re-entered the jeep and continued to reach the top of the island We drove to a landscape of wild beauty At some point we are passing, a few years ago, there was a huge fire The disaster was huge But, we hope in time for the environment to come back and the vegetation starts to grow again We came to see the monastery of Saint Panteleimon It’s on the mountain There is also an asphalt road if you want to get there by car and it’s a worth visit,if you come to Thassos Let’s go inside -Hi miss Helen, how are you?
-Hi mr FT, fine What a great place to be here Yes, very beautiful Are tourists coming here? -Too many people
-Really? Yes very much Most Greeks or foreigners? More foreigners The Greeks must come too, the place is very nice I wish Very nice place Classic loukoumaki Let’s go see the holy fountain It’s down here, in a cave There’s something in these caves, which makes you feel the absolute awe Awesome place Look at how these rocks are Nice, perfect place We’re leaving We’re now taking a break and returning shortly for the Happy Traveller sequel In the meantime follow me, Electra and the instagram of the show To see where we travel every moment but also take part in giveaways we do there Also find our facebook page and like us because there we announce the next episode and our giveaways If you got hungry, eat a Happy Traveller snack too ADVERTISEMENTS THASSOS We returned to Happy Traveller We are in Thassos exploring the mountainous side of the island We left the monastery and we continue from the rural roads to reach the highest point of Thassos INFO
The island is lush and timber is one of Thassia’s main incomes.
#happytraveller The route is quite difficult and it’s a good idea to come by jeep on these rural roads Ilias and his company organize such trips It’s the best way to explore these places which is always preferable to visit with a guide We arrived We’re at the top Basically up there is the peak, the highest point in Thassos The peak here, which is the highest point on the island, is at 1206 meters Look at a perfect tree, which has here in the top Fantastic place to land Another pillar of the Army Geographic Service, arriving with Happy Traveller We are at the top of Thassos! At Mount Ipsarion,the highest point of the island From here you can see everything! Around the sea Perfect place It has become an institution at the top of the mountains to eat apple Not any apple Our favorite apple from Zagora Village in Pelion Perfect Crunchy, juicy, tasty This apple has everything Happy Traveller apple We’re leaving We came to see the lake The artificial lake ‘Mariwn’ Here they gather water, to have down for the animals and the fields It has a small waterfall here Let’s go see it Because Thassos is very mountainous and secondly it has many waters, many waterfalls are formed in many parts of the island Some of them are accessible You can go see them up close This island has everything ,even waterfalls! Thassos has not stopped surprising us Let’s go back again It has a shop here Let’s try Very nice We came to the Skala Mariwn It has a nice beach here From here we’ll get into the canoe, and we will go for a stroll in the sea We’re leaving Let’s go to the beach -Ready?
-I’m ready -Are you coming?
-Yes Is it nice weather? Yes … the most perfect sea The water has a nice color Thassos, the emerald island For its lush waters Wow, what a perfect cave! Look here We went out to a small beach, which is like a pool What a great place Tripiti beach is nice Let’s go on now to continue the journey This south coast of Thassos is full of caves Huge cave
Fantastic! This is the cape of Kefalas The southwestern tip of Thassos Oh, what place is that?
It’s like hiding You enter the cave and get out of here From there and you come here Perfect place, look here! INFO
According to mythology, Thassos was discovered on the occasion of a love affair with Zeus
#happytraveller This is the Skala Mariwn We reach the end of the route Here we are, we’re done It was a perfect, fantastic route We saw perfect places It also has a nice beach bar with umbrellas and sun loungers Ilias and his team,introduced me an alternative side of Thassos They made me love this island, a little bit more That was it Perfect day, perfect routes Ilias, thank you! I went back home We took a walk with Electra and the baby, to see the sunset It has a perfect sunset from where we live Good morning
We leave in the morning, for an excursion We are going to Giola -Ready?
-Of course I’m ready, and me and the little one And Hercules Let’s go to Giola, we came too early in the morning, so that there is no sun It has many signposts to show you the way Hercules, we almost arrived We almost reached Giola We arrived at Giola Giola is the most popular natural attraction of Thassos It’s a natural pool, which has become particularly popular in recent years through the photos circulating online The baby came too! Yes It is rightly considered one of the most famous places in Thassos Marble rocks and a hole in the middle It doesn’t join the sea but when it has a wave,the water gets inside The rocks are beautiful Perfect In this perfect place, we will have a snack What do we have here? Our favorite cookies Oatmeal cookies with cranberries The best At the best place, the best cookies That was all I needed, beacuse I hadn’t eaten breakfast Does Giola look like a cookie? Basically, it looks like a tear If you look at it from above it looks like a tear Let’s try to get in It’s cool! It’s not too cold We leave, return to the car Another travel target was achieved And that was achieved as a family Okay, now we have the whole day ahead of us We’re going to do cooler things Leaving the Giola
we made a small stop at the Potos, which is one of the most touristy places in Thassos It has many taverns and cafes -Good morning!
-Good morning Are you alright? Very good! Nice,good job! -Good morning lad
-Hello! Then, we continued to reach the Limenaria We came to the Limenaria It’s the second largest settlement in Thassos and it’s located to the south of the island It’s also considered one of the most picturesque places on the island Let’s take a short stroll In this sculpture is depicted Hercules with his bow This was one aspect of the ancient coin from Thassos In the Limenaria there is the big pier, that tie up the biggest boats and here is the small picturesque harbor with the fishing boats We will have breakfast One of you suggested via instagram, to try donuts(loukoumades) here in the Limenaria What does the little one do? Sleeps We have a quiet baby We’re leaving the Limenaria Basically we’re not leaving, let’s go see the Palace(Palataki) That impressive building on the hill INFO
In modern Paleolithic times, present-day Thassos was united with the land forming a peninsula.
#happytraveller We leave from here and go to a mountain village,
called Theologos There it will definitely be cool Everything we need, because it’s noon and it’s hot Everywhere! We came to Theologos village Traditional settlement One of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Thassos This is the village temple Saint Dimitrios It was built around 1803 The village is famous for its traditional architecture and good food! Here in the area of Theologos and specifically in the village, they say he has very nice goat meat We got a mixed meat plate with goat meat, which we saw being cooked Something, that opened our appetite We also got a kokoretsi Here’s some pork meat,suckling pig A perfect greek salad, Florina peppers, Sundried (Throubes) olive oils of Thassos and we eat! How perfect and true potato Let’s see the goat meat, the theologian Someone wrote to us that Thassos’s fish is the goat Why not? Perfect We are at the Megalo Kazaviti Let’s go explore it Look at the tree
Look at a perfect buffalo You go in completely It’s like a little house Beautiful square
Traditional, Greek Thank you That is the definition of Greece
You drink Greek coffee under the plane tree
in a traditional village Perfect They brought me to try a traditional cabbage pie Basically,it’s a chortopita(greens pie) I didn’t refuse Let’s see… Perfect, fantastic! It has many different greens and they are fresh The pastry lining is perfect It’s traditional, rustic
The best We came for a walk in the port of Thassos In the capital of the island This is the port we came to by boat when we arrived and it is also the place with the most people, most of the population Here in the capital city, was the ancient city of Thassos All that peninsula is full of ancient things We are on the pedestrian street, with all the tourist shops and taverns We will leave tomorrow, from here we will take the ship Today is our last night in Thassos We had a great time Let’s go now for rest and tomorrow we will do something before we leave Goodmorning There is one last point on the island of Thassos, that we would like to show you and we haven’t shown you yet I woke up at 6am to go see it together Here is the Makryammos 2 to 3 kilometers southeast of the port capital But we will continue down this dirt road to go on a beach called Bib(Saliara) This is the beach Bib(Saliara)! Nice name for a beach The white and marble beach It has marble pebbles Look how it is,the beach is totally white And in the water the color is very strange Perfect beach, look incredible scenery This color on the beach, is due to the mines that are here above The marble powder goes down
and has created this setting This is the Porto Vathy, the other marble beach Opposite there are quarry cranes, leaving these huge blocks of marble It’s nice to have a kitchen on your vacation Especially for family holidays it is almost necessary You can make something as you want it and you can save on your vacation Turkey and bacon IFANTIS, richly smoked Perfect! Τhe whole place smells nice The perfect breakfast under the sun
Good appetite What a perfect bacon! And the tomato is fine The eggs are from the chickens they have in the village Bacon does all the work It’s not just that when you eat it is perfect, but it tastes all over the food I think someone doesn’t want to leave from Thassos Some of our…friends are very upset that we are leaving We will come back again! This Happy Traveller is coming to an end We hope we managed to travel you to Thassos with us Next week we’re travelling abroad The first trip abroad with our daughter Find out on our facebook page which is this destination and also follow us on instagram me,Electra and the happytravellergr show’s account to see where we travel in every moment and take part in giveaways we do there Bye Thassos !!! We’ll be back … bye! Until next time be fine, many kisses and remember that the most important luggage in every trip is our good mood! Bye!!!

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