Happy Traveller στη Βουδαπέστη

~ Intro Song ‘Pou Eisai’ ~ BUDAPEST Another Happy Traveller episode begins, with superb travel mood We are at the airport “Makedonia” and we are going to Budapest Our tickets,at great prices, for this trip,just like any other trip, are booked from the website that one in two Greeks uses to book tickets online One click and you fly! We arrived in Budapest We got our suitcases and we are going to the city center We withdrew some money This is Hungarian money! 10,000 is about 35 euros We arrived in the center of Budapest, arrived at our hotel Basically, our hotel is like an apartment Here we will stay for these days We booked it from the airline booking website where we also booked the car The truth is that it took me a long time to find it The nice thing is that they made us a free upgrade to our room, compared to what we booked What we were given is larger with two rooms, a kitchen and a living room The kitchen is fully equipped! Although we don’t intend to cook … But, I’m hungry and it has nothing in the cupboards But… there is a sandwich we brought with us from Thessaloniki! Sandwich rule when you carry it with you on a trip you always put it in a tupper To stay fresh Nice sandwich Time to leave We take a stroll in the evening Budapest It’s a bit cold and it’s snowing Much better now We came to eat something local and here in Hungary they eat a lot of soups We got a pumpkin soup and a traditional goulash soup with veal Everything you need for the cold We have started something very nice Everywhere we go, we send a card to one of you! This is done on facebook, while we are on the journey and not the moment you see the episode Because, it’s been a while until the editing is over and it’s time to play on TV So, if you follow us on facebook you see where we are and where we travel and you can win at small giveaways like that Each time a lucky one receives a card from the Happy Traveller, at his door For now, let’s take a break and we’ll be back in a little bit Don’t go anywhere,the Happy Traveller in Budapest continues! ADVERTISEMENTS BUDAPEST We returned to the Happy Traveler in Budapest Stroll in the snowy Budapest Let’s go! From the first things we do before starting our excursions to Budapest, is to get the Budapest Card For 72 hours you have unlimited public transport routes, 10 free museums, 2 guided tours and lots of discounts Perfect! Do you know how Budapest got its name? There used to be two different cities that came together It was Buda and Pest The Buda is on this side of the river, where the palace is Whereas Pest is from where the Parliament is and the place we stay Buda + Pest=Budapest! Budapest has a population of 1.7 million while the whole of Hungary is about 10 million Up and down like Greece The flag of Hungary has the same colors as Italy but the stripes are horizontal instead of vertical Red, white and green The official language of the country is Hungarian ‘Tessék’ means pardon ‘Jó reggelt’ means goodmorning The Hungarian currency is the forint The price is 1 euro for about 311 forint also called fiorinia * in Greek * The phones in Budapest are pink They have pink phone! This is the Budapest Opera House, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city You can move to Budapest with subway,bus or tram All public transport is included in our card The majestic building of St Stephen’s Basilica The most famous church in Budapest and one of the city’s most important sights Saint Stephen founded the kingdom of Hungary Let’s go inside Walking into the city opens the appetite! We’ll get some energy with an apple We brought it from Greece in our luggage Favorite Greek apple! Another way to explore the city is by tourist bus Let’s go to the big bus Perhaps the best way to explore Budapest, is to get on such a bus which makes many stops And you can choose on which bus stop you want to get on or off It takes you to all the sights and within 48 hours you can see everything! We get on the bus that makes the city tour It has a guided tour in Greek This is the Heroes’ Square,the most famous square of Budapest Around it there are statues, with important personalities of Hungarian history and in the middle it has a column called Millennium Monument 36 meters high and at the top is Archangel Gabriel, symbol of the Roman Catholic Church At the base of the column there are 7 statues of horsemen They are the 7 warlords of the Hungarian tribes This street is called Vaci It’s the most famous street of Budapest It has many shops, restaurants and many people We are hungry and decided to eat something To eat something local, traditional We came to a traditional kitchen type that the Hungarians eat The environment is nice It is self service and has a showcase of various meats knuckle of ham schnitzel and things like that We got a local sausage with mashed potatoes and red pickled cabbage This cabbage is also classic in Germany But all these countries have the same kitchen I asked for a ‘Budapest salad’ and ‘ouggareza’ but the saleswoman was staring at me Probably, only in Greece we call these salads like this Here, it has too many salads They love this recipe style I got a salad that’s so delicious and typical, with corn and chicken Okay, I take off my hat and eat Very tasty! We came to Citadella, the statue of Budapest’s freedom It is located on the hill, on the side of the Buda You have to come here to photograph the statue but also to see the whole Budapest From here you get the best view of the city Budapest has many bridges through which they pass cars, buses, trams and pedestrians In addition to being practical, they have tourist interest They are one of the most beautiful sights of the city That gentleman back there is the “Solomos” *greek national anthem* of Hungary He is the country’s national poet He wrote the Hungarian national anthem Walking burns calories We need energy and I have it in my pocket It’s also in the colors of Hungary White, green and red In separate packages, what travelers need! Let’s see… 200 calories each cookie 45 minutes to 1 hour walk … At the price of the tourist bus, it also has a cruise Cruise on the Danube It’s a great way to see the sights of the city from the inner side, through the river At night Budapest is magical! The city’s most important sights are amazingly illuminated and that makes you fall in love with this city, a little more Snowman! Hungarian snowman This is again the Vaci street We came here yesterday and while it was snowing there was no snow down Today,it’s not snowing but the road is paved with snow in one day The well-known Rubik’s cube is from Hungary It was invented in 1974 by the sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik The world record is 5.5 seconds Time for street food We got a traditional Hungarian pie It’s like bread You can get it either with cheese or with cream cheese or with a mixture of chicken and pepper and paprika That’s what I chose Very nice Good appetite I close it and eat it like a sandwich Very nice and filling We came to a super tourist shop with souvenirs It’s very nice and modern, with a lot of things But it’s a little expensive In the market we went to,in the morning, it has more affordable souvenir But it’s worth a stroll here too Our day was very busy Tomorrow’s day will also be full We are preparing and devising our plans We got some souvenirs Here’s what the lucky will get from our giveaway, that we will do on the Happy Traveller’s facebook page We also got Hungarian paprika to make delicious recipes This is the Hungarian paprika for goulash and this is a hot one We have our maps here, discount coupons Here we read and find information about Budapest and here on the map Perfect We are now taking a break and returning shortly for the Happy Traveller sequel For the time being, follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram Subscribe to my youtube channel and if you got hungry eat a snack We are eating our favorite Greek cookie, traveling with us everywhere See you soon ADVERTISEMENTS BUDAPEST We returned to Happy Traveller We are in Budapest We live in a regular apartment building Not much like a hotel and it is very central This stoa here at night,it is very crowded and has bars This street here,the Király is very central with lots of eateries, mini market and everything you need if you are a traveller We are 5 minutes from the main subway stop and just a 10 minute walk from the Danube Budapest has many good museums If you are a lover of museum tourism, a visit is really worth This is the most well known and is the National Museum of Hungary It has an average of 3.5 million works of art and exhibits that go back 400,000 years! This museum, as well as 9 others, are included in the Budapest Card Nice But remember the museums in Budapest are open every day except Monday Next to the Freedom Bridge there is the covered market of Budapest Beautiful building of excellent architecture and inside you find all the local products Let’s go for a walk A walk that you have to do, if you come to Budapest It may snow outside but here it is fine Let’s go for a walk Too many salami Hungarian salami Hungary is known for its amazing salami but you don’t have to go there to try them Personally the most delicious Hungarian salami, I have eaten it in Greece From our favorite Greek charcuterie factory,in Drama Eat a little and make taste trip Hungary! It has fruits, vegetables, salami, cheese, paprika and whatever that draws your appetite It has everything It has another floor above Downstairs there is food and above souvenirs As we do in our every episode abroad one of you will win a souvenir from Budapest Something small, one of you will win it in our Facebook giveaway After the Budapest episode plays out When you see this you get on our facebook page, to win Happy Traveller souvenir from Budapest Traditional Hungarian doll The national doll of Hungary She can talk too Heyyy Within this vast market there are shops with things you can eat on the spot We didn’t miss the opportunity We found one here with nice traditional things and a nice showcase that looks all fabulous and you want to try them all It also has sweets and pastries We got something like a wrapped croissant with cream cheese filling It costs 200 forint, about 0.7 euros I think it will be nice Let’s try it It has cream cheese inside It’s very nice We’re leaving The Parliament of Budapest, the Parliament of Hungary One of the most impressive buildings in the city Built in a new Gothic style It has 611 rooms inside Length 265 meters while the dome is 96 meters high It is built on the Danube and it’s a must visit, if you are a tourist in the city There’s also a huge Hungarian flag here, guarded by two soldiers who patrol around the flagpole At the price of the Budapest card, two guided tours are included One in Pest and one in Buda We are now in Pest,following the group This is the Matthias Church in Buda It is a landmark of the city of Budapest You can see it from anywhere and especially at night when it is lit, it’s beautiful We are in the Royal Palace of Budapest In fact, the Buda Palace because it’s on this side of the river It’s a visit you have to do,it’s located on the hill It is a spectacular building It’s very beautiful and from the inside, you can come in and see it like a museum, but also outside It has very nice statues In the palace there is the Hungarian History Museum, very interesting, and the National Gallery with lots of artwork It’s nice! In this weather,we need something hot There are two options Hot chocolate or hot wine Cheers! Very aromatic Nice I got warm Time to eat
Let’s go eat something traditional We came to eat typical Hungarian cooked food They got some weird stuff here Of course it has goulash, something else like bean soup something hot with beans We got one with peas and smoked pork It looks nice We eat The smoked pork has a perfect flavor to the peas Next time you make peas try it And with a little bacon you will have the same effect It is also slightly spicy, that we need to warm up Basically that’s why they eat a lot of hot stuff here with paprika and peppers Because with the cold, they warm you indoors The best The subway is not huge but … they have Let’s go for a Budapest subway ride now, which started operating in 1896 It is the 2nd oldest subway in the world, after the subway in London One thing you should definitely do when you come to Budapest it’s a bath! Yes you heard good,a bath! In any season Not at sea, they haven’t but not even in the Danube, it’s cold But in the baths Budapest is one of the most beautiful spa towns in the world It has great baths, with fantastic spaces and perfect service Let’s go explore them and of course to swim The baths have many different spaces You get a ticket for the whole day and you can go wherever you want Whether in the outdoor pools or indoors Within the ticket price you get a locker, to put your things inside Or you pay extra and get a cabin something like a personal changing room Okay, let’s go to swim and relax They gave us a small watch, so that we can pass through the entrances and to open the door to the cabin, where we will leave our stuff and change These are Budapest’s most famous and historic healing baths This building is just 100 years old 102 for accuracy It has indoor baths and outside, a fantastic pool Very cold Oh, I got warm It has almost 0 degrees Celsius The inside is perfect It burns! Like I’m in a bathtub Fantastic experience Winter bath in the warm waters of Budapest I don’t want to think about how to get out of here I’ll stay here Byeeee!!! Don’t be afraid I didn’t stay in Budapest I got out of the baths, got on the plane and I returned to Thessaloniki! We’re getting ready for our next trip! There are coming episodes in Slovakia,
Austria and some farther to Asia To see where we are going and to suggest destinations,like our facebook page If you want to travel too, find out on our sponsor’s site the cheapest airline tickets This Happy Traveller episode is over In closing we hold the travel and happy moments we had together As far as I can remember, I travel
But the trips I do now as a Happy Traveller have another meaning for me Because now I have a purpose To share your experiences with you and make you feel that you are with us Be safe, many kisses and remember the most important luggage on any trip
is our good mood Byee !!!

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