Happy Traveler Trips: Waldameer Park

Pennsylvania has a very rich history of amusement
parks. From parks like Hershey and Dorney and Kennywood
to traditionally family-owned amusement parks like Waldameer. The whole purpose of amusement parks is to
generate happiness in the families that come to these parks. I used to come on these rides, my mom use
to come on these rides. It’s just fun to share these memories with
your kids. We’re in the business of fun and providing
a safe, family-fun environment. My favorite thing about Waldameer is probably spending time with my family. When we first come here in the beginning of the summer, my kids eyes light up, they’re so excited to see everything and hear the
music and the screams. Everybody’s laughing and it’s very exciting. My favorite rider here is the
Ravine Flyer II. Because of how fast it goes and all the excitement
and screams. Our Ravine Flyer II roller coaster is the
tallest wooden roller coaster in Pennsylvania. It gives you the feeling that there’s movement
and that’s the biggest thrill with wooden roller coasters. When we come in every morning to get the park
ready for the day. What’s exciting is that we know today we’re
putting on a party. That’s how we feel. Anywhere in the state you can probably get
to an amusement park within an hour. It’s pretty unique in that regard. We know we’re creating memories that will
last forever.

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