Happy Traveler Trips: Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream

The ice cream that we make it’s very important to us that we’re using the real things that are in it. We want it to taste like the most strawberry, strawberry ice cream you’ve ever had. We have a great relationship with Churchview Farms and Tara we get strawberries from here she grows delicious things. Chad and I met through mutual chef friends years ago. One of the first ice creams that he made I just remember thinking dear God that is one of the best ice creams I have ever had in my entire life. Ultimately everybody wants the best tasting thing. You would never go out and say I’ll have your most average tasting wine. If you’re not starting with the
best things, you can’t make the best things. You know I think what’s really unique about Millie’s is that all of our milk and cream is from a local dairy right down the street. We buy all of our eggs
from local Amish farms. In addition we are buying whole fruit and then cooking that fruit which is what makes our ice cream so awesome. The food scene in Pennsylvania has changed a lot just in the last five years. You can really
bootstrap it and do it on your own and so I think what you’ve seen are a lot of
really talented chefs that have opened their own places and it’s only getting better. The way that the seasons ebb and flow in Pennsylvania enables chefs to offer unique varieties of produce at the peak of their ripeness. We don’t really desire to use something
just to check a box. When things are at the peak of their
season they’re at the peak of their taste.

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