Happy Traveler Trips: Appalachian National Scenic Trail

So the Appalachian National Scenic Trail
is 2,189 miles long running from Maine to Georgia. 229 of those miles are here in
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And the fall right now is the absolute best time
to enjoy the Appalachian Trail. I think sometimes people look at the Appalachian
National Scenic Trail and think if you’re not a thru-hiker it’s not for
you, but especially in Pennsylvania there are so many access points and so many
different ways to enjoy it at different difficulty levels depending on what
makes you happy. You can find mountains that are steep enough to make you feel like you did something today. You can find the most gorgeous valley, some of
the flattest sections of the trail and just about everything in between. The trail was initially conceived by a regional planner and forester by the name of Ben Mackaye in 1921. His vision was a place where the public could go and
reconnect with the natural world. As a place to seek refuge from an
increasingly urbanized industrialized environment. Today, nearly a century later
people are very hungry to get the clutter out of their lives, get the noise
out of their life, and allow some time to have that experience to reconnect both
with themselves and with a natural world. What I love most about the Appalachian
Trail is you can drive maybe 15-20 minutes and just feel like you are in
the middle of nowhere and just find your way from your normal day to day to
something that’s just remote and beautiful but not hard to get to. There is a reason to be out here all year round.
I think people gain a sense of peace and a sense of sanity on some level or
another. Being out on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania even if it’s just for an hour for a day hike you feel like a different person when you come back
and all of that is against the backdrop of this incredible natural resource
that’s right in our backyard.

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