HÀNH LÝ ĐI DU LỊCH CỦA KỲ DUYÊN CÓ GÌ? Packing Tips for Traveler| (With English Subtitles)

Hello everyone, I am getting ready to go to the airport As you all know, I spent most of my time on the airplanes. I flew 200,000 miles/ a year That’s the reason why I know exactly what we need to bring on the airplanes for our convenience. First of all, all the things that are with me right now, are things that we …should not bring on the airplanes. I will tell you why! Let me take this glasses off! I might look like a model straight out of magazine but when it comes to airplanes all of these stuffs are not useful at all! 1. Don’t wear heels! First, This boots might look nice to you, but there is zipper around here But if you go to the airports you have to take it off whenever you go through security check, it is really difficult! Secondly, high heels. If you have to transfer to another plane and that you have to run from this belt to another belt. You might have to catch another flight because of this heels. Thirdly, air travel can cause your feet to swell that’s why it is really difficult to take these boots out! Make sure you won’t wear these to the airplanes 2. Do not bring big and expensive bags! Bags that are big with hard material like this cannot be placed below the chair or above. Honestly, shoving an expensive bag below a chair and put your legs on it when you travel by plane, do you feel painful? You have open so many layers to get your passport or throw it through the security check. That’s why you should leave those bags at home don’t bring it to the airplanes! 3. Don’t bring bucky and expensive luggages because they are mostly very heavy. As well as carry-on. Most of expensive luggages are made of hard materials That’s why they are very expensive they are well made. This one is from Gucci I have an Louis Vuitton before They are very heavy! Woman like me have to carry it put it on luggage compartment. Secondly, if you are walking and you need to get something in the luggage. You will have to put it down, in the middle of nowhere open it up like this very inconvenience! Oh my gosh! Sometimes I just want to get an instant noodles cup but it takes a lot of actions to get it! You know years before whenever Vietnamese artists travel for shows it looked like a Louis Vuitton shops. Only takes 5-7 people to open an LV shops! But nobody carry those luggages anymore because of there weights. 4.There is a high chance that your luggage will be “mistakenly taken” One more thing, with these carry-on if you have to transfer to another planes or from big aircraft to a smaller one they would ask you to check-in sometimes because your luggages might be too big for “carry-on”. So when the baggage carousels delivers your LV, Gucci, Chanel luggages, there’s high chances that someone might “take” it away. I’ve seen it before There are some airports where they don’t check your baggage stamps or if there is people can still tear it and take it away, very easily! That’s the reason why I’m highly not recommend bringing expensive luggage to the airport. 5. Use bags with zippers I usually bring one luggage and one bag, this one might look nice But it doesn’t have a zipper. I lost a lot of things before not because of thiefs but sometimes when I put my bag on luggage compartment and take it out, stuffs just drop to the floor And from that, i lost things like glasses, wallet In conclusion, you shouldn not bring bags without zipper to airplanes. Thirdly, look at my outfit today it might looks nice but it is not warm at all while that’s all we need when we on the planes! Now I’ll show you the right outfit to go to the airport! Let me introduce to you here’s one of my favorite outfits for airport First, this pants in very comfortable even if you have to sit for hours! It has wide leg pants I stopped wearing jeans recently Because sometimes I want to put my legs on the chair if I sit for too long this pants make it easier Secondly, look at this shoes, i love this shoes it is from Sketchers with Memory foam. It is really soft, and you do not need to tight your shoes laces If you need to go through the security check you just need to “slide” it from your feet and it is very easy to put it back on too! Sometimes I would step on the sole walking around the aircraft Most important is, when I need to transfer to another belt, I wear this and run like I’m running on a treadmill! These shoes are warm and soft! It is usually very cold on the airplanes so wearing long-sleeved shirt is necessary Next, this small purse is very useful! It is enough for you to put a phone a passport. It wil takes you a lot of time to find these things on a big bag Also I can put a credit card here, I usually don’t bring cash with me, a few dollars will do! Credit card is very useful! This purse is small, cute and convenience! You should use a normal glasses don’t bring expensive glasses because it is easy to damage it. 7. The right “Carry-on”? About carry-on here’s my carry-on luggages that I bought and been used Let’s talk about this one I bought it in Italy Everyone was really impressed with its outlook! Problem is when I bring it back home and use it i realized it is not convenience at all! Same with previous one, you would have to sit down open this side and this,… It’s really difficult to use it and this thing is for hanging suit I don’t need that! And this is the way how to close it! Took like a whole day! So I decided to put this one in the garage! You know people would say not all pretty woman are smarts. This is the one that I like best! It has 4 wheels and very easy to use! For example if I need to take a book I can put it here or take it out from here. Or you just need to open it like this and take out the stuffs you need. You don’t need to flip it all over. And if I have to stuff more things inside because of over shopping. ,it allows me to open it up like this so I have more space to put my things. I personally think that this one is not really helpful if you have to transit for long hours. Do you know why? Because we have more space on our luggages, so we keep on shopping! I wasted so much time already! And we keep buying more things to keep the luggages full But i really like these type of luggage if we accidentally damage it or want to replace it after 1-2 years It is fine because they are cheap! Around $50-$60. Compare to branded luggage might take around $2000 – $5000 A Chanel might cost around $7000. But after years of experienced this is the one that i love the most! I always carry it with this bag It has a zipper here so we do not have to worry about dropping things to the floor. The second slot also has zipper you can get passport and phone very easily. That’s why I really like it. I’ll tell you why I like this small purse. Recently they only allow you to bring 2 bags/ luggages on the airplanes. So whenever I have to go on board, I will put this purse to this bag. 2 in 1. Put it here and we can pull the luggage easily, looks convenience right? Let’s talk about why it is my favorite among them all! First, it is smaller than these luggages, and it is lighter. I can lift it up by myself. Let me tell you why I like it so much! What’s inside my carry-on? Let me show you what’s inside my luggage. This slot right here has a padding so I put my laptop here. I need to take the laptop out every security check. It took a lot of time to take it out from the luggage! But right here, it is really easy to get it. Let’s see what do I have here! Many years of experienced! First, I have this one. This is a pillow and a blanket, it was a gift from my friend! If you want to sit, this could support your back or your neck And this is a blanket This blanket is made from cashmere it’s really soft and warm. I got a pair of socks and an eyes sleep mask Because it is so soft, so I tuck it in very easily. Secondly, always bring a jacket with you. These jackets are my favorite! it is soft and has a hood so you can covered your head when it comes to rain or snowy. It is very light, can keep you warm through any weather, and you can roll it up like this and tuck in your luggage I also have this neck support pillow. A pyjamas just in case I need to spend a night at the aiport. This is my personal purse, i put toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb and hairspray. Here’s another personal purse. Also, I always put a dress in my carry-on luggage. Get the wrinkle-free material type so you won’t have to iron it. And a pair of heels So if in case some handsome guy pick me up from the airport, I still have some stuffs with me to make me look prettier! Okay so that’s all I have! Very light and convenience! Here I have 3 luggages, for examples these are the 2 big baggages. If I’m going to overseas and need 2 big baggages and 1 carry on. How do I manage to pull all of them at once? With this bag, I can open it and ta-da it becomes a backpack. So here we go, with this bag on top of a luggage. Very easy to pull all of them at once. One more thing, if you have to spend a night at the airport some airport would have their own hotel. So you can rest at the aiport You can rest for a few hours you can sleep for 6-8 hours then wake up, eat breakfast, they also have bathroom if you need I think it’s called airport hotel, just check-in and relax, waiting for the next flight, without any stress. In case your flight is delayed or having some problems that cannot take-off. People would usually find the ground staffs. queuing and arguing with the airlines staffs First, never fight with airlines staffs, it is not there fault! Recently, I realized that I actually do not need to queue at all, what i do is calling the airline hotline! Any airlines, it could be United, American Airlines,… just call the hotline, tell them that you need to change flight… They can do anything just like the ground staffs, so you don’t have to waste your time for queuing. If they tell me they will catch another flight for me tomorrow, some airlines might give me some coupons, vouchers or a place to stay And if they’re not, I still recommend you to book a slot at the airport hotel, cost around $50-$60, but at least you can change and rest. Looking fresh in the morning. Than spending time waiting, arguing with the staffs, it does not help your trip at all! Finally, this is very important! keep every valuable things on carry-on, for examples: cameras, laptop, watches, rings, shoes, wallet… keep them in carry-on. I’ve been to a lot of places, even though your luggages are locked they stil try to break it. they actually break into my baggages a lot of times but it is really funny because they messed all of my stuffs up but can’t find anything to steal! because I never keep valuable things in my baggages I feel very sad for them though! Poor them 🙂 So remember never put valuable items in your baggages. If you have cash, keep it in your wallet/bags and put it below the chair Never put it in luggages compartment, As you have read lots of news some people or even flight attendants might waiting for you to sleep and steal your stuffs. Especially they know that Asians like to keep cash with them. If you bring cash, always put them in the wallet and below your chair. Have fun on your next trip, be safe!

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