100 thoughts on “Halsey – Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

  1. Victoria S: How do you wish to wear your wings.
    Models: On my shoulders, thanks.
    Halsey: On my eyebrows please…………

  2. Lol when the 2019 VSFS gets canceled bcs nobody wants to see a bunch of skinny bitches walking a runway…(I came here bcs of Halsey)

  3. Here's who's the best ?
    1/ Halsey
    2/ Arina Grand
    3/ Bebe Rexha
    4/ Elli Goldind
    5 /Anne Marie
    6/ Selina gomiz
    7/ Sakira
    8/ Sia
    8/ Taylor Swift
    9/ Kate pary

  4. Thank god the model don't have "tattoos" If it's so desirable why don't they hire women with them ?? The singer looks like trash !! The token black girl sure looks almost white !!

  5. nhìn mấy em này make up nó mới tự nhiên và đẹp làm sao. Chả bù cho cho mấy bà mấy chị tự make up đi đám cưới đám hỏi. Nhìn phát gớm

  6. Yes Halsey the hack sings at Victoria Secret show now that America knows what the secret is they stopped all future shows of this filth , for it was nothing more then a high class call girl hooker show for powerful elite scumbags across the world who would put their bids in for what girl they wanted and they all had to be approved by Jeffery Epstein

  7. 🥰😘Halsey our the House of the Victoria secret sad 😔📰🥺 stop 🛑 Show it’s beautiful lovely lady 2019-2020

  8. Quem mais que em pleno 2020 tá assistindo esse vídeo? Quem tiver assistindo da like( eu amoooo esse vídeo assisto ele sempre ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)

  9. Guys Victoria Secret is a pre-recorded show and they auto tune all of their performers songs , that’s why everyone always sounds amazing lol

  10. halsey:hey can i have wings please

    servant:ok sure😅

    servant leaves *

    servant :halsey wants wings what are we going to do and we dont have wings left

    victoria secret:oh no
    * wish ad comes on *
    victoria secret:thats it

  11. All those models on the stage and I'm getting irritated because they getting in the way of me seeing Halsey…that's a beautiful woman.

  12. Why does Victoria's Secret have a model with skin like a cow?? 🤮🤮🤮🤮 That's hideous. Victoria's Secret is so cancelled to normal women.

  13. All of these women are beautiful. The only thing more beautiful is seeing the strength these women have to not tear each other down!

  14. Just wanna leave my comment before the tears blurr my eyes. .
    I love halseys music and this song had gotten me through some tough nights. You no those nights he says he cares.. but. Yeah. Blah blah.

    So.. I'm in tears for the fact seeing these women .. as individuals the different races and their smile.
    But yeah back to watching. Keep up the great work..

  15. Halsey: I want to fit in with this show, May I get some wings?
    Victoria Secrets: you could have some wings on your eyebrows, the same, right?

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