Hakan Muhafiz: The Protector of Tourism

Hakan: The Protector of Tourism The Hurriyet magazine publishes the article analyzing the impact of the TV series Hakan:
Muhafiz / The Protector on the tourism sector in Turkey. As the newspaper notes, the most successful
TV series of Netflix Internet platform raise the interest of viewers to the producing countries. They want to see the locations of the shooting,
to be in touch with their favorite characters. It happened with the series La Casa de Papel
in Spain, with the series Narkos in Colombia, and the same thing is happening now with the
series The Protector. Journalist Ceyhun Kuburlu notes the growing
interest of travel companies in tours of the historical places of Istanbul, where the shooting
of the series took place. World travel agencies are on the door of Netflix
with proposals for the organization of such tours, as requested by customers. Netflix, that has 139 million paid subscribers
worldwide and annually invests $ 8 billion to produce its own series, decided to contribute
to the development of Turkish tourism. Netflix’s chief PR manager for Turkey, the
Middle East, and Africa Artanç Savaş confirms negotiations with several major travel companies
that will be engaged in “serial tours.” Mr. Artanç also hopes that they will not
be limited to Istanbul because the expected Atiye / The Gift series starring Beren Saat
will be released this year. The story of the new series will be centered
around the temple Göbeklitepe. Netflix is e xtremely pleased with the results
of the Protector which is still popular with its subscribers (the series is especially
successful in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Canada). The total number of accounts that watched
the series so far is approximately 20 million. Because of such success, Netflix increases
the number of languages in which the project is available. The Protector is now available in 20 languages. Also, the success of the series opened the
door for other producers. Mr. Artanç promises an increase in Turkish
content on the platform in the near future. At the same time, it is very important for
Netflix to show the traditions and culture of the country to which the company comes. That is why the first Turkish Netflix TV series
turned out to be a global hit. The company hopes to repeat the success with
the second project – the series The Gift / Atiye. Netflix will also continue to buy ready-made Turkish series, showing them to subscribers
around the world. Among the procured projects are the Magnificent
Century, Ezel, Leyla and Majnun, Resurrection: Ertugrul, and others. These series will see viewers in 190 countries. A few numbers from Netflix: Company revenue: 16 billion dollars a year
Revenue growth: 35% per year Domestic investment in the production of serials:
8 billion per year Number of paid accounts: 139 million
Number of Turkish accounts: 200 thousand Number of employees: 7 thousand people
The most popular Netflix series in the world: Money Heist, Strange Things, Narkos, Dark,

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  1. Muy buena información y muy completa, quiero decir que en México también ha sido muy vista y muy popular!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  2. CagatayUlusoy hte protector hakan muhafiz una hermosa serié q se vera la ST 26 4 encabezada por CagatayUlu y su gran equipo desde Argentina con amor💘💘💘

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