Habitat of Crested Ibis and Brown Panda in Qinling (with English Sub)

The Qinling Mountain is more than 1,600 kilometers long. It goes from east to west and is 33% longer than the Alps in Europe. The Qinling Mountain lies in the center range of China creating a natural barrier. Cold air is blocked from going South in winter. Hot air is also blocked from going North in summer. This created a significant divergence of people and cultures in China: the South and the North. Tai White Mountain has the highest peak of Qinling Mountain. It bears markings showing clear glacier activities 120,000 years ago. During the Ice Age, massive extinction occurred world wide. But the unique setup of the Qinling Mountain somewhat allows biodiversity to survive the Ice Age in China. Yangxian (Yang County), Hanzhong city In 1978, a search team came here searching for the Crested Ibis. The team had searched 50,000 miles for the last 3 years and found mere three possible feathers of the Crested Ibis. The wild Crested Ibis was found in Yangxian, Shaanxi province of China. They found the last two nests with 3 chicks, a total of seven birds. The Crested Ibises like searching for insects and fish in rice paddies. Locals returned back to grow organic rice, to stop the extinction of the Crested Ibis. Under the protection, it is believed that about 1,700 Crested Ibises live here. Our helicopter goes higher into Qinling Mountain. This is the natural habitats of Qinling Giant Panda now. The lush temperate and bamboo forests, nourished by the moisture set up by the Qinling Mountain, supplies a plentiful environment sustaining the unique species surviving today. Foping Natural Reserve, Hanzhong City This brown Giant Panda is unique representing a possible extinct subspecies of Giant Panda. Record shows that the brown Giant Pandas are rare, a total of five sightings. All these brown Giant Pandas are found in Qinling Mountain. Brown probably is a unique genetic code of the Qinling Giant Panda. Brown Giant Pandas may give birth to the usual Black and White Giant Pandas. This Panda has not yet been a father yet.

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