H-4, the US visa that stalls Indian women’s careers

In the past few decades, people have come here to pray for the ultimate golden ticket: Many of them are here for one visa in particular, The H-1B. The H-1B visa lets high skilled workers, from around the world, live and work in the US. And, it’s sort of legendary. Microsoft’s CEO was on the H-1B. Google’s CEO was on the H-1B. For many Indian techies, this visa is their way to access the American dream. But the reality for those whose prayers are answered, can be completely different. Because the story of the H-1B visa, isn’t just about single, Indian men migrating to the U.S. It’s about whole families moving. And for many of the wives of the H-1B holders, – I was so depressed. America isn’t the land of dreams. – I felt faceless and invisible. It’s career suicide. – It’s hard, you know, starting all over again. I’m Preeti Varathan. This is Quartz. Subscribe to our channel for more videos like this. This is Anamika Chandel. She grew up in Himachal, studied interior design, and worked in an architecture firm. She did her master’s in Florence. And then, at 23, she got married. – Have pancakes first. A few years later, Uday won an H-1B visa as a software engineer. So they moved to Iowa together. But for years, Anamika couldn’t legally work in the U.S. That’s because she was on something called the H-4 visa. The H-4 visa is a dependent visa given to the spouses of H-1B holders. And it comes with a pretty important catch — you can live in the U.S., but you can’t work here. You don’t get a social security number. And in many cases, it’s pretty difficult to open a bank account. – They’re economic dependents, they’re social dependents. This is Amy Bhatt. She’s spent the last decade researching the wives of H-1B workers. – They’re not able to necessarily have their own identities outside of the status of the H-1B worker himself. Amy says, this story is basically about Indian women. More than 70% of all H-1Bs go to Indians, and almost 80% of those go to men. So for the men who choose to come with their partners? They’re usually Indian women. – It’s not just that you’re in this dependent position, but you’re also losing out on the periods of time when you would have been building yourself. That’s a real blow to their ego and their sense of self. I talked to other women like Anamika and they all said the same thing. They have multiple degrees. – I got my masters, I have an MBA. And had thriving careers in India. – I was working with the largest publication house. But when they moved to America. – I felt useless to a great extent. Not being able to work was one of the worst experiences of their lives. – I was so depressed that I would sometimes just start crying. Anamika and Uday applied for green cards nine years ago, hoping that soon, Anamika would be able to work. But they’re still waiting. The green card backlog for Indians, in particular, is really really bad. The estimated wait time for Indians is anywhere between 12 to 150 years. So in theory, someone like Anamika could spend the rest of her life in jobless limbo. But in 2015, something changed. Pro-immigration and tech groups lobbied for these women to be able to work. So the Obama administration passed a rule that let some of them work. Basically, if the H-1B holder was far enough along in their green card application process, or had been in the states for more than six years, their spouse could apply for a work permit. – Oh my god I had never visited Sephora ever in my life, and ever since I started working here that’s become like my go-to place. This is Neha Mahajan. She wasn’t able to work for seven years. And then Neha qualified for a work permit. – I live for it. It doesn’t feel like a job to me. Neha hosts a debate show on TV Asia. – Welcome to Center Stage your show where we bring issues pertinent to our community. For a little over three decades, the H-1B guest worker program has allowed citizens… Neha says, being able to work completely changed her life. Like, she and her husband were able to buy a house. But all of this could change this year, because Neha might lose her right to work, again. Media outlets have been following the story. – The H-4 employees are able to work in the US under a provision of the visa that the government has indicated it may revoke. The anti-immigration group Save Jobs USA has filed a lawsuit saying the Obama rule makes it more likely that immigrants will steal American jobs. We talked to John Miano, the lawyer representing Save Jobs USA in this lawsuit. And the Trump administration is on board with gutting the program. – So we have this invisible sword hanging on top of our heads. We don’t know whether we’ll have the status tomorrow. About 100,000 spouses like Neha have gotten work permits. That’s less than 0.05% of the total working American population. So, why go after such a relatively small group? Amy also agrees that this is about self deportation. – Rather than have immigration policies that would push people out, you would make life so uncomfortable that they themselves would choose to leave. What we’re seeing is entire family units making the decision to leave the country. Remember Anamika and Uday? Three months ago, they decided to relocate to Toronto. Canada’s immigration system works pretty differently from the U.S.’s, especially for high skilled workers like Uday. – The good thing is it’s all transparent. You see what’s happening. The government is like “Yes, let’s, let’s do this.” And spouses like Anamika receive work permits right away. – I got off the airplane. I think it was my second customs official who handed me the work visa and I couldn’t believe it. That’s a big contrast to the US, where President Trump has been pretty opaque about the future of H-1B families. The Trump administration has explicitly gone after high-skilled workers. But Trump also tweeted that he wants to encourage talented and highly skilled people to pursue career options in the U.S. So all of this insecurity has a lot of H-1B families thinking about other places, like Canada. – If things don’t work out here then we’re planning to move to Canada. -Canada is another very exciting avenue. – Canada is an option. All of these women are married to men on the H-1B. So if they leave, their partners will go, too. – What’s at stake here is actually much bigger than just whether or not you know a relatively small proportion of women can work. What’s at stake is the entire H-1B. To opponents, that’s good for American workers. One study found that competition from foreign workers Kept American computer scientists wages down. But other studies, show they’re not a drain at all. That overall, they boosted American economic growth and productivity. And an advocacy group for high-skilled immigrants estimated that high-skilled immigrants contribute around $22 billion to U.S. GDP every year. So the argument over whether these women should work, isn’t really about them at all. It’s about the future of the American economy. Hey, we’re making a series for
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100 thoughts on “H-4, the US visa that stalls Indian women’s careers

  1. you took a visa that stated you cant work and get depressed you cant work.. sorry im not feeling much sympathy for these economic migrants. if your degrees and skills are so valuable then use them to improve your own country.

  2. how successful women think?
    h4 doesn't allow a bank account in USA. it doesn't mean the dependent should close all her accounts in her Homeland and sell all her assets there.
    H4 doesn't allow you a work permit, but it allows you to invest anywhere and make others work for you. I call them workhorses.
    h4 doesn't allow you to work in USA, but it doesn't prevent you from running or investing in businesses in your Homeland and enjoy the tax benefits and social security there through minimal investment.
    At least all of it is true for any girl from India as long as she maintains her Indian citizenship.
    Essentially, people need to understand the difference between a job and a career.

    Example of : How people shoot themselves in the foot?


  3. Stop saying "stalls". They have to earn the right to work in the US. You can't just piggyback on your spouse and start working in a new country.

  4. Basically shitty US policies are leading brain drain of highly skilled Indian Women to Canada. Good for Indians and Canada. Canadians have always been supporting of us Indians and I hope these kind folks continue the same. It's a Win Win for both the parties. Immigrants take up jobs that are not being taken by natives basically so what's the harm? Wake up you dumb Americans. You are what you are because of immigrants! .

  5. Wish all the best brains come back to India that went to the US from here- wish India rises once again.

  6. it's pronounced butt lol. almost exactly like the english word except the b is a little aspirated like "bh" and the tt is a retroflex. I love when people named bhatt try and pronounce it differently.

  7. As an Indian american, I'm kind of torn about this. I recognize that my parents came here under H1-Bs. But that was at a time of scarcity in the US market for high-skilled workers, and India was churning out highly skilled workers for which it had no jobs. It was a win-win. Now, the US has sufficient tech workers and outsources the rest. India is a growing economy that suffers from brain drain and not enough job creation. Those workers should stay in India and create opportunities there instead of coming here and undercutting citizens. The H1-B system is now no better than human trafficking and exploitation. US companies use it for cheap labor.

  8. No no it doesn't, don't force your globalist propaganda

    Indian women who have no quality and just married someone settled in USA to further their career
    Their end is near

    Anyone with quality is and always will be welcome to USA

    We Indians living in India thank President Trump for the recent VISA bans and helping us to stop brain drain
    Long may he rule

  9. All these is known apriori obtainig H4. if you knew all these these things why come here.? you have a choice not to come or go back.

  10. Asian's do it much better
    OffCourse Americans will lose jobs because Indians and Chinese have tough competition in their countries.They can fit themselves in any situations.If this goes on like this there will more Asian people working in the US.

    Canada is much better for Indians

  11. I'm confused… you can't choose to come and also complain about it…. you could have stayed in India and pursue your career just like your husband and your husband can start a green card application for you… people who just complain and don't think 🤷‍♀️

  12. The thing is……its not as if US hoodwinked everyone to come to US or by guile lured innocent souls to this slavery. People are fully aware when they become a part of this backlog……..then suffer you shall. The terms of engagement are pretty much setup upfront……there are no victims here. Don't like it…..don't go….as simple as that.

    What do you expect when you willingly stand in back of a line which already have few hundred thousand people waiting for green card…….America has full right to have its own immigration policy…..fair , unfair or anything in between. Whether you want to suffer in that is your choice……as I said there are no victims here.

  13. So they lack the job skills to get their own H1-B visas. And this is somehow not their problem. OK.

  14. 8:42 Great job supporting capitalism. Higher productivity doesn't mean higher wages Quartz. Productivity in the US has been increasing but wages haven't. Economic growth for who? The top 1% of the 1%, or for non multimillionaire Americans. The us GDP has been growing, but for the filthy rich, not for average Americans.

  15. These are the immigrants we WANT to be US citizens, people with brains and education that want to work. India is a democracy and capitalist, these people understand the American dream but they are penalized because they come here legally. Deport the illegals and welcome these people.

  16. (HAHA) Because they're "NOT" the ones with the most clintonpigJOBS/ businesses (gtfoh short story thief pigs).

  17. There is an abuse by American companies where they bring these H1-B visa holders in 100's of thousands primarily as a cheap labor to fill in mostly vacant rolls that Americans can't fulfill. My company hires a lot of them, and instead of training and hiring kids from the school, they rather go with these Indians, not that because they are better, far from it, but because they are cheaper and can be replaced if they don't work 80 hrs/week. They are trapped in this cycle of abuse by companies, and American workers in turn have their salaries reduced due to the clog of these H1-B workers.

  18. Of course. It’s always the fault of the US. They pray to come here, and when they get here they don’t like it, and want to change things.

    We need immigrants with certain skills to fulfill specific jobs. That’s why we bring them here. Not workers with little skills who will compete with most Americans.

  19. The data you have given on whether working H4 wives have any impact on job market is actually accurate. It has no real impact. But, data in isolation, as in this case does not paint the complete picture. We have to add more data to complete the picture.

    Two events, destroyed America. And America will never recover from those. One was 9/11 attack. Pain and shock of that, were so much, that after that most Americans became haters of non-whites. Second events, which was strictly American made crisis, was 2008 great recession. I do not think, that combined with greedy American businesses taking production to China, any other event will do as much damage to economy of a nation as great recession did to America. Midwest rural and urban economies were destroyed by the China job migration and great recession. All were due to sins of Trump and his buddies. So many whites committed suicides by opioid overdose, that for the first-time death rate of whites became higher than blacks. Nobel prize winning Economist Angus Deaton, pointed that out clearly, but politicians are donkeys. They do not think wisely that easily.

    Comes forward Trump. He is not wise, but very cunning. He realized that picking low hanging fruits, such as

    1. Painting legal and illegal immigrants as job killers for white Americans,

    2. Portraying blacks and other minorities as federal treasury draining loafers,

    3. Telling that American business is victimized by socialist democrats,

    will get him votes. That actually worked, even in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which I cannot remember democrats losing in recent history.

    So, wall with Mexico, scrapping H4 wives EAD’s, cancelling all trade agreement, and renegotiating them almost as they were, sending troops to border to uncoil barbed wires, when refugee trucks were hundreds of miles away, are all part of picking these low hanging fruits, which provides very minor relief to his hurting base; but it essentially changes nothing. Destroyed America stays destroyed, and there is no relief in sight. And Trump and his business friends continue to make money.

    It is unfortunate that Indian wives got caught in this maelstrom. Wisest thing will be to find careers in other countries, or even go back to India, where economy is thriving. There is saying in India, “weevils in wheat gets grounded, when flour is made out of wheat. My advice to Indians: Do not become weevils in that wheat, which is about to go through grinding mill. That is the only wise step to take. When you are not even a voting citizen of a country, you have no real rights. And a destroyed country, does not listen to logic.

  20. The H1-B visa is by far the most abused program. I see my own employers deliberately making sure that their job can only be filled by a H1-B visa recipient when the job could easily be filled by anyone with a Master's degree. There has got to be some kind of compensation for them to do that even when it isn't admitted to. As for H4 visas, it isn't the US fault if you chose to follow your husbands to the US. Plenty of women in the US has also had their jobs stalled for the sake of kids, etc.

  21. What do you expect when you are tagging alone with husband 's jackpot ticket lol.. go get a job first and get H1B . Phew

  22. US has to really work on its' tax policy. I've had many American colleagues who get jobs in the Middle East or SE Asian countries, and at the most they survive 2 years.
    They love the job, they love the city, they love the pay, but they hate the double taxation that US citizens drawing a salary abroad face and then they calculate that it isnt worth being out of US if they end up paying so much in US Taxes and hardly make any savings.

    On one hand you cant complain that Asians are stealing American jobs, and on the other hand make it very difficult for Americans to go abroad and get a job. You want a part in globalization, then work towards being global.

    You think it's fun for US companies to sell their brand as a franchise to other countries' just so that they can have a market presence. Drawing a fee or license, but not much of a claim on the profits of their brand in other countries. They do that because it's easier than deal with all the restrictions US has placed on companies interested to open abroad.

    Can Quartz do a story on this side of the coin as well?

  23. Why would anyone want to move to the States on a H1-B? No security, you're one election from deportation. I thought it was a five year residency = citizenship deal! The Yanks are taking the piss (for a change). I thought the abolished slavery back in the 1800s?

  24. Tbh, you will be unemployed if you don't have the right skill needed for the market. Isn't that simple ?

  25. Why does every video about India have to begin with a stereotypical scene of a cow or a temple?

  26. Yea i also want the visa 🙁 but too many indians and chinese competing with me (1 person) vs their entire family on green card. Must be nice i cant relate 🙂 and omg if US doesnt work for yall please dont flock to Singapore, thats the only place i can work after I get US visa rejection. I cant deal with all these competitions lol

  27. As long as the job market isn’t saturated, there is no question that immigrant workers are NOT taking jobs away from Americans. Americans will slowly watch this country burn if we keep these hostile attitudes towards immigrant workers. America would be nothing without its immigrant worker population. We have many others besides ourselves to thank for our very successful economy.

  28. 12-150 years to wait for a green card? Wow. Maybe they should go home and support India’s economy instead. Americans need jobs. I went to school with people who earned degrees in computer science and they can’t find jobs because of these overseas H1B visa holders. Companies would rather hire the foreigners on the cheap than give some young American a chance. I dislike Trump but if he got rid of that program I wouldn’t mind. It’s actually one of the few things I agree with him on.

  29. So 70% of the world's talent is in India? Yeah right.

    It is just a cheap labor program and the minimum salary on the H1B visa needs to be raised to $150k/year.

  30. So let me get this straight. These grown highly educated women, married to highly educated men, decide to migrate to the US on a well known terrible visa, knowing all the rules that apply, knowing they will not be able to have jobs here. And then they are the victims? And we are supposed to feel bad for them? Does any of this seem weird?

  31. The bad thing is, i have friends in the US, using Canada as a backup country. So if they get kicked out from the US, they would come to Canada get their citizenship and then again go back to the US. They wouldn't be grateful to Canada.

  32. Well you have the option to not immigrate and stay in India, But no one in their right mind would want to stay in India even when it means that only your spouse can work.

  33. This hits very close to home! I’m very happy someone covered this issue. I’m a F1 visa holder.. which is a student visa and I see the struggle for a job around me! The companies don’t even want to provide internships to students who are not citizens.. it’s complicated, it’s messy, but most of all it’s an unfair system.

  34. I'm a doctor that came to America in 2012. I was on H4 and obviously could not work. My husband, who is also a physician, worked at an underserved area as a part of his waiver program. After that, thanks to H4 EAD, I got work permit and I matched in to residency and I'm currently in Internal medicine residency in a small town. 95% of the doctors in this town are foreigners (from different countries all over the world). There are no American physicians in this town. Bcz this is a small town that does not offer any amenities or lifestyle. If its not for foreigners, there would not be a Gastroenterologist or a Cardiologist in this town. Now tell me, how are foreigners taking away jobs? Are we not providing care where no American would come? THIS is real America, small town America. There would be no medical care in the majority of the country if foreigners could not work. So, I'm sorry..we're not cheap labor. We contribute a heck lot to the country.

  35. Canada is not the US , it will always be a second option, America is where dreams come true and opportunities exists , but this is how all countries work, no difference in Europe, Middle East, Africa etc.. the nationals of the country always come first, Indians would revolt if their jobs were taken by other nationals on work visas in India , Indians are resilient they will make it anywhere in the world

  36. I often wonder why don't these highly skilled and intelligent people help their countries out isntead of the. US I have no problem with them coming here just curious as to why such smart people have a country in such poor condition.

  37. India-born and raised as well as Indian-American CEOs of the American and the European companies are Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Deloitte, Ex-PepsiCo, MasterCard, Workday, Ex-Citigroup, Micron, Berkshire Hathaway Insurance, Ex-McKinsey, Harman International, Wayfair, Novartis, Ex-US Airways, Nokia, Instacart, Best Buy Health, Ex-SanDisk, Hotwire, Genpact, StubHub, Nutanix, Cognizant, Ex-Vodafone, Vimeo, Ex-Deutsche Bank, ClassPass, MongoDB, Palo Alto Networks, ArcelorMittal, CareMoreHealth, SendGrid, AppDynamics, Escada, Syntel, Reckitt Benckiser, NetApp, Moda Operandi, Arista Networks, Diageo, Sysdig, Global Foundries, Cohesity, and Conduent. And then there are a ton of other Indians who are at different C-Level positions, such as the Facebook CIO, Uber CPO, Ex-Tesla CFO, General Motors CFO, LinkedIn CTO & CPO, Twitter CTO & CLO, Instagram CPO, PayPal CTO, Unilever COO & CHO, Square CFO, DoorDash CFO, Citigroup CLO, P&G CAO, Nextdoor CTO, Kohl's CTO, Philips CFO & CIO, Adobe CTO & CLO, Expedia CPO, Dropbox CCO & CFO, OpenText CFO, Udacity COO, Worldpay CPO, Box CPO, Levi's CFO, MuleSoft CMO, HubSpot CTO, Western Digital CIO, 84.51 COO, FirstData CFO, ServiceNow CPO, LendingClub COO, Verifone CLO & COO, Citrix CTO, VMware COO & CIO, Snowflake CIO, Micron CBO & COO, Palo Alto Networks CIO, Zoom CLO, Gen Re CDO, Nutanix CPO & CTO, Ogilvy CCO, etc. I am not even getting into the Indian founders and co-founders of dozens of startups, small to mid-sized companies, as well as other fields, such as academia, medicine, politics, and entertainment. Indians represent less than 1% of the US population, less than the Chinese(1.5%), the Filipinos (1.2%), and of course the Hispanics (18%) and Africans (13%), and little more than the Koreans (0.6%) and Japanese (0.7%). Indians are the richest ethnic group in the US by gross household income. The success of Indians in the US is just astounding.

  38. Most of the girls in India leave their boyfriends for the guys with H1B Visa. Thanks, US Government for avenging those ex-boyfriends.

  39. My sister is a doctor there in America. She did her Mbbs from here and then internal medicine n DM from US. She is on H4 visa. I wonder how long she will be able to work there.

  40. Yup, post 2000 dot com bust, I wasted the prime of my youth, unable to find a job, especially one that would process a visa for me, while I was in the US. I have a masters in finance from a top tier UK university.

  41. This is the irony in staying America….they preach equality but they never want it. The parents and wives of Mr. President also legal immigrants but he hates immigrants.

  42. I was lucky enough to come via green card but I have friends and family who are here by this route…their biggest regret is marrying so early…it’s a chain that limits their and that of their spouses and even children’s choices and opportunities…but the cultural pressure to get hitched so early and the stigma that follows is what drives some of this…

  43. It's simple my wife is techie if she gets an opportunity in the USA say if she is offered a job by an American corporation. We aren't moving to the USA. We are happy to live where we are. These women chose to live on a dependent visa which comes with a pre existing conditions.

  44. This is something the couple need to consider before moving here. Unfortunately being an immigrant comes with sacrifices even if you come here legally.

  45. This video pretends Satya Nadella/Sundar Pichai represent the average H-1B applicant pool. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Let's look at actual Pew Research Center stats. Here's the types of jobs H-1B visas fill:
    26% are 2-year college/Associate's Degree-level
    64% are Bachelor's Degree-level
    A mere 4% for Master's and 5% for PhD-level work

    The vast majority of H-1B aren't exceptionally educated or skilled. Legally, the H-1B program is meant to fill jobs that cannot be filled by Americans locally. Yet, a significant number of H-1B's replace jobs already held by Americans, jobs for which they have to be trained to do and cannot even do properly (e.g. look up "Disney/Leo Perrero", look up "AIG, H-1B"). If these visas are meant for people who can do jobs that Americans can't, then why are they replacing working Americans already doing the job? And why do they require training from said Americans, if they are so exceptional?

    Desi consultancies are infamous for abusing the H-1B visa system and promoting fake résumés. This is why 70% of H-1B's are from India; not because India is inherently better than China or any other country. Silicon Valley is also responsible; they notoriously abuse the H-1B's; since H-1B employees cannot leave a company without forfeiting their visa, it is essentially 21st century indentured servitude: lower pay, longer hours, less benefits. (Don't believe me? Look up what Indian H-1B recipients say about the H-1B on YouTube: e.g. "C Reddy – H1b and OPT abused by consulting firms on lower level", "divyanthj", "neoblackcyptron")

  46. so if it is so bad then don't come to the US, stay in India… these people act like someone has a gun to their head to go to the US. It's ridiculous. Just stay back in India and you will not have all these issues.

  47. It's absolutely amazing that in this country citizens have less rights than guests in our country… these men and women who come here are nothing but temporary guests, they have no right to make demands on their own terms. If you dislike the terms then get out… plain and simple.

  48. I love my country too much. Don't want to add to the brain drain. We need to develop and invest in our own country. Jai Hind!

  49. For those who thinks Indians are taking their jobs
    it's not their fault that you are working in McDonald's ok.
    Lot of people says people from out of our country are coming and steeling our job. they're getting jobs because they're Worthy for it and you are not. So be something and stop balming someone else.
    USA is lagging workforce because of jobless people like you but someone has to work for USA to maintain it's no1 position.
    Indians are profitable for USA and your government knows it.
    (And yeah I'm happy in my country I don't want to live with racist people)

  50. Also it's not just about people from India. It's also about people from many other countries, people who don't work in tech, and international students who have invested years of effort studying in the US, but get thrown into the same stream as Indian tech workers. The H1B system isn't working anymore. The lottery system shouldn't be how you determine immigrants' future. There should be a separate system for new tech workers, and a separate system for people who have lived in the US for years.

  51. I don't care how many Indian CEOs there are of American companies or how "successful" Indians have been. H1b visas are taking jobs away from Americans and they are depressing wages for American labor. If a company can't find a American worker for a position then maybe they should pay more or train one! Scrap the whole program!!!

  52. Trump definitely meant White people when he tweeted about wanting to encourage h1-b immigrants, if we’re being honest. GDP isn’t a good metric to use for the success of Americans, though. That money gets hoarded by millionaires and billionaires, not distributed among the workers who created that wealth.

  53. I think one problem here is that people rely on these forms to be able to work in the first place. More jobs should be available that are not dependant on the government.

  54. who wud wanna work in a country which hosts 25% of the prisoners of the world anyway?? and a recent stats say a newborn is 50% likely to get cancer before the age of 40..we hear news of people suffering as if ..meds for critical illness are sold like diamonds..u shud pay people to come and set foot on that country…what a joke. (just saying)

  55. America was great without H1B and it will continue to remain great even without H1B's and H4 visa holders. H1B is a dog on a leash who is used by his/her company that's it. These women made the gold digger decision to come to the USA without the knowledge of its implications on their future. Now they are cribbing about their gold digger decision.
    H1B is a charity program started by the USA.

  56. This is one of the reason people are so angry about immigration. These woman were born in there country and could have stayed and lived a happy life, they aren’t fleeing oppression. They are given a chance to come here with rules that are designed to protect the interest of some while allowing immigrants to come here. Then after awhile that’s not good enough now they don’t like the rules they agreed too. Go back and let the people from those country’s that want to be here and follow the rules come. You agreed to the regulations of the visa when you came here! Don’t like it now? Take your ass back to where you came from and send someone who will appreciate the gift it is to live here.
    Complaining because you can live in the USA and not have to work or be supported by the government and still complain!

  57. I can empathize with these women. It is hard if you don't have financial independence. However, they also have a lot to be thankful for. They get to enjoy motherhood, be a homemaker, live a life of comfort. They don't "have" to work to survive. Their children are American citizens. If they are truly miserable, they always have a place to go back to. They have not fled war or persecution. They are in the U.S by choice. Always count your blessings! No one has it all. I am sure their husbands have also made sacrifices to be here.

  58. Yeah, I’m sure that tens of millions of people find that borders and immigration rules get in the way of their dreams. But if just anyone could just walk right in and “start a new life”, wages would plummet and rent would skyrocket. These policies have consequences.

  59. How can we help these women find jobs in India so they can stay with families and relatives ? Must be so hard and lonely to be in a White country.

  60. Man going out to work. Woman being Home Maker. Isn't that, The Real "Human" Dream? What makes you Indian women wanting to come to US and go out and work, is Pure Greed! I think the H1B should not allow a Spouse Visa, let alone Job for the Spouse!

  61. Keep your Masters or MBAs or even PhDs, stay in India and start REBUILDING India! The immense dirt and filth floating around there has made the entire area a SEWER!

  62. First these ladies come to US marrying h1b holders knowing that they will not be able to work. And then they complain of loosing identity and all that bullshit as if someone forced them to the country. You are free to go back to India. No one will stop you. Their country their rules. Why you are complaining and cribbing.

  63. All Indians living in America should SERIOUSLY consider becoming Returning Indians.
    I mean, despite its anti-farmers policies, Mr Modi has fostered quite a nice environment for middle-class Indians. Why stay jobless and unhappy in the USA (and its pathetic excuse of a "culture") when you can start your own business and become your own boss in growing India?

    Seems to me that a lot of these software engineers have zero ambition beside sitting behind their desks 24/7 , enjoying the stalling salaries and riding the "NRI status", rather than achieving anything valuable in the long–term for their family and country.

    But hey, to each his/her own problems. You make choices: Housewife of working woman. We all know that most Indian women would rather be the first, for the sake of "traditions".

  64. The American dream is moving to Canada and so are Indians. In Canada, there are Canadian Indian people running for president

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