Gymnastics on the Las Vegas Strip | Whitney Bjerken

– [Man] Where is she? Did you rub the belly? Go rub it. Show me the big one. Feelin’ better, Whitney? – [Woman] Look at the girls in
the red with those feathers. – It’s the year of the monkey. That’s a half dollar. – [Man] Make a big wish. – [Woman] Make a wish. See if you can get it up there. – In that? – [Woman] Yeah. – What if I get it in the well? – Ciao guys, how are you? – [Man] Ciao. – Nice to meet you, welcome, I’m Gianna, I’m gonna be with you guys, okay? – [Man] Great. – I’m your gondolier today, and the boat coming in right
there, that’s our gondola. So just relax a little minute, I’ll be right back for you, okay? – [Man] Alright, thanks. Hope you didn’t call me a lady. – Bella, bella, go also
inside step, take your time. And last but not least,
yeah inside step, perfect. And we’re off to see Venice together on this incredibly beautiful day, is this beautiful or what? – It is a gorgeous day. – [Gianna] You guys have
what I call perfect timing. Now is the time to come to Vegas, now is the time to come on
the outside gondola ride. Hey guys paparazzi wants
to do one last photo, ’cause we’re gorgeous. So right here, as we
go by, the action shot, let’s do the smiley, wave your arms, blow kisses or something – [Cameraman] Hold for a photo, guys. Thank you. – [Gianna] Now they leave
us alone, no more paparazzi. Just us, we can do whatever we want. – [Woman] See, he sings. – Mostly you can just sit back, relax, enjoy your time on the water. We say welcome to Vegas, but
way more importantly guys, we say benvenuti a
Venezia, welcome to Venice. Where are you guys from, my friends? – [Woman] Atlanta. – Beautiful, Atlanta, I love it, welcome. Little vacation for you? – Yep. – [Gianna] You havin’ a good time? Yeah it’s pretty fun here. Have you guys all been to Vegas before? – She hasn’t, we have before though. – [Gianna] First time,
bella, that’s exciting. Tell me the truth, what
do you think of us, you love it or you love it? – I like it. – [Man] Made her throw up. – [Gianna] It made you throw up, really? – Yes. – [Gianna] Vegas made you
throw up? I understand. – Food poisoning this morning. – [Gianna] Oh nooo, well
it’s all up from there, it’s gonna get better and better. Well my job is to make you
forget that you’re in Vegas. Just for a few minutes
I need to make you feel like you’re in the real Venice, Italy, so we’re gonna sing something beautiful in Italiano for you, just
like in the real Venice. Don’t forget when you’re in the tunnels you get to think of
something good to wish for, blow a kiss, send it out. They say all the wishes come true, so y’know what, make it a good one. (Gianna singing in Italian) Of all the important stuff, if you look just on the side
here, two beautiful replicas. Beautiful bridge that
is the Ponte di Rialto, the famous Rialto Bridge. It’s one of the oldest bridges in Venice, it dates back to about the year 1500, and it’s very very much the
signature look of Venice, it’s the signature bridge
over the Grand Canal, and the beautiful tall tower,
that’s the famous bell tower from the famous square and meeting place, the Piazza San Marco, it’s
called the Campanile Tower, another signature of Venice. (singing in Italian) Alright you guys are my new
best friends from Atlanta, thank you so much for
coming on the gondola, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope
you feel nice and relaxed, and I hope you guys
enjoy your time in Vegas, Happy Valentine’s Day, guys. Have a wonderful time,
come to see me again, okay? – Stay. – Why do I have to stay? – This is so cute. – [Woman] Hey, here. – [Man] Ciao! – Oh, this is like my celebrity moment. I love this, cool, we gotta get a picture. Good, thank you, we need a milk
chocolate strawberry please. – [Worker] Just one? – [Woman] Just one, and then we need, what’d you want, a brownie? And then the brownie on the bottom. – [Worker] Alrighty if you guys
need anything else I’m Cody, I’ll ring you up right over there. – Let’s go to Barney’s. – [Woman] Like better? – [Whitney] I don’t know. – Well try it on and look in
the mirror with you holding it. What do you think? – I like it. – [Woman] Let me see that one, lay it down, okay that’s cute. Your initials or your name or,
I kinda like that color yeah. – Yeah, my initials. With the. – [Employee] With the gold color? – Yes. – [Man] Wub. – To help him remember tomorrow. – [Man] Woah. On the strip. – [Woman] Oh, oh she’s got more in her. – [Whitney] I can’t see
anything because of my scarf. – [Man] Alright, get down. – [Woman] I was gonna get a photo. Oh my god, your legs are breaking. – Help me up! – [Woman] You need help? – [Man] Salute. – [Minion] Banana, hahahaha. Hey, you, baturtday,
badabadabadado, banana! Beetle, beetle, whama,
whama, whama, I love you. – [Man] Kiss. – [Minion] Yes, kiss, kiss, kiss, high five, yeah, banana, high five, yes! – [Woman] Oh my god he’s
actually making the noise. (Chewbacca noise) Oh that is so good. Where’s Dave? Oh there he is! Are you gonna get our picture? – [Dave] G A A. – [Woman] Give her like,
the splits or somethin’. (video fast forwarding) You’re holding a, oh
it’s so cute, isn’t it? – He gave me buck teeth. – [Woman] Let’s get a picture. Well they’re supposed to
make things bigger than, alright look here. – [Dave] Lemme see. – [Woman] Yeah that’s good, hold still. – How do they do it so fast? – [Dave] Evel Knievel jumped these. (“The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart) – I bet there’s like a red,
white, and blue at night. – [Dave] Where ya’ goin’ tonight? – We are going to the Cirque
du Soleil Criss Angel show. Are you ready? – [Woman] Levitate. (“The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart)

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