GuiaNatura EcoTourism en Futurismo2018

Well, now we continue with the show! Now, it is time to enjoy another Microtalk: the number 2. This afternoon, from 3.30pm, they will be at Re-Lab nº2. This will be the pitch dating with the expositors of yesterday and the “menceyes futuristas”. And this is time… … oh my God, how was his name again?… … he is going to kill me, because I persuade him to let me tell his complete name. And now, let us welcome to this startup show number 2, with GuiaNatura EcoTourism: Jean-Guy Le Roux. 🎧 whistle language from La Gomera: “Silbo Gomero” declared Human Heritage in 2009 Good morning, I am Jean, I am from Brittany. That is why there is a triskelion in the logo on the top of the screen. This is a Celtic territory. Local development specialist, I have been working in Burkina Faso. Back from that African experience, I decided to concentrate myself on the foundation of local development: Environment conservation and preservation. That is why I was working on this wonderful site: a ornithological reserve… … where I was taking care of the unique Dougall Tern colony that are breeding in France. A migrating bird who comes from Europe and travel to Africa. But… A heartbreak made me fall in a black hole. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I thought back about the Tern! As he did, I took flight! As he did, I have been following the stars… … to get here in the Canary Islands, 12 years ago. And as he did, I felt really well on this land. I fell back in love: of its people. With them, I began to share, … to discover and do meaningful activities. And I discovered a rich land… … full of History (histories). Its unique nature astonished me. Yes! So magical. Everywhere, are growing new ways to travel. And we have ti give them meanings. That is why… … today, I am here to present: GuiaNatura EcoTourism A way that I began, as you understand, a long time ago. Fruit of that love to the Canary Islands, … … it was born a little more tha 3 years ago. From roots, … from depth… … we can touch the roots. We can feel the energy of water… … to grow and touch the sky… … like a well developed tree. Our activities… … are prepared so that you can: … … feel, taste and touch what you can see. To share with local people… … nice moments. As I am not specialist on every question, … … we are working with official tourist guides. Members of the ‘APIT Tenerife’ and ‘CEFAPIT’ association… … each one passionate for a concrete subject. He/She can be: … Biologist, marine biologist… … Virginia is here, representing APIT also. He/She can be ornithologist, geologist, botanist… … (from many themes). And even: … For stargazing, … … astronomer trained by the Starlight Fondation. We offer a service with personalised treatment. Always with restricted small group. From 1 to 15 people. We work with sign language
interprets… … so that everybody can understand. And we adapt on each of you… … so that you can come with us. Ecotourism: … … an activity with GuiaNatura EcoTourism is… … a part of a canarian garden growing in a school, … … a talk in a classroom with kids, … … natural area cleaning… … here, an activity offered to young tourists on the island, … … or a lost seabird flying back to the where he belongs. We work on every Canary Islands. On screen, you can see… César, in Fuerteventura, with two Scottish ornitologist… … and on the island of Gran Canaria, Bernardo with a lady from the USA. Our goals are to create a net of guides… … who are sensible to sustainable development … … and make that the Canary islands are a example of that tourism worldwide. Thinking that from home, people could… … watch in the sky and say: … … “Let us follow the Tern flight.” And they will reach the island, happy here, like this Tern you can see on the screen … … on a boat of Los Cristianos. 🎧 whistle language from La Gomera: “Silbo Gomero” declared Human Heritage (whistled by Daniel González from YOSILBO association) “The Tern flight takes us to the Canary islands” (what the whistle say). that is GuiaNatura EcoTourism

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