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What’s up? How about visiting
snow-covered mountains and valleys, doing animal watch
on boat tours, and knowing a National Park
aboard the End of the World Train? Don’t tell me that
because I get anxious. We become a child again. Very good, very good. Here you’ll see a brief travel itinerary
to enjoy four winter days in the city of Ushuaia. So, let’s know Ushuaia? Pé de Viagem. Ushuaia Basic Travel Guide As known as the City of the End of the World, Ushuaia is the southernmost city on the planet, and it’s the gateway to visit Antarctica. Because it’s on an island across the Andes, the fastest way to reach the city is by plane. The flights depart from the capital Buenos Aires, and from the main tourist
and economic Argentine cities, with a greater number
of weekly flights during winter. And we just arrived in Ushuaia. It was a 3 hours 10 minutes flight to arrive in Tierra del Fuego. For those that come by plane,
Ushuaia Airport is just 5 km from downtown, and there are taxis, “remis”,
car rental, and transfer services that can be hired in tourism agencies. We offer all kinds of transfers,
and this is an advantage because you can choose
between hiring a transfer with a travel agency, or hiring a taxi, or a “remis”. Due to its tourist importance,
the city offers a wide range of places to stay, such as hostels, budget hotels,
and luxurious 5-star hotels. The Arakur Hotel has
one hundred seventeen rooms and ten suites. We have standard rooms.
We have many superior rooms, they are eighty in total. The hotel is in a nature reserve and features a restaurant serving
regional and international cuisine. and spa service with massage rooms,
a panoramic fitness center, and indoor and outdoor heated pools. Another option for those who enjoy
comfort and convenience, It’s to stay in a cabin of Cumbres del Martial, which is next to
the famous La Cabaña tea house. We have superior and deluxe cabins.
The superior ones are smaller, and the deluxe cabins have rustic décor with a large fireplace, a jacuzzi, two floors, and the bedroom overlooks the living room. On the first day,
it’s best to not schedule too many activities because delays may happen
due to climatic conditions, and it’s worth to rest
to recover yourself from jet lag. You can take advantage of this time
to visit any of the cultural places in the city. We have a Marine Art Museum, an Antarctic Museum, and a Museum about Ushuaia History. In the building where
the old Prison of the End of the World was, this complex has facilities,
photos and objects such as models recounting the region colonization
and the prison installation history. One of the highlights of this tour
is to visit Wing 1, which remains the same as
when it was closed in 1947. Visitors have the experience of
knowing cells and corridors where the most dangerous prisoners
of the time circulated. Another interesting attraction is
the Thematic Gallery – Fueguine History. With life-size statues
and the help of an audioguide, the region history is told from
the culture and way of life of its original peoples to the colonization process
with the arrival of European navigators. And it’s a place where you can learn
the whole Tierra del Fuego history, and you can participate in this history. We recommend you
to visit at least one of these museums and at the end of the day,
you can walk along the coast visiting some of the city’s iconic places. There is here one of the
most photographed places, it’s where the End of the World sign is, and we have to take a line
because everyone goes there to shoot a photo. This sign that says “End of the World”, it means Ushuaia is
the southernmost city in Argentina. It’s the only transandine
city in Argentina. The only city after
the Andes Mountains. For the first night, as a suggestion,
enjoy typical local dishes at a central restaurant. And as a restaurant option tonight we chose the Kuar because we want a relaxed
atmosphere for this meal. So, let’s go. Besides the variety of unique dishes
prepared with fresh ingredients, the restaurant serves
Argentine wines and craft beers. We seek to work with
typical Ushuaia products. We prepare elaborated dishes,
and also burgers and “fajitas”. The two dishes I ordered surprised me
in presentation and taste. We began this day with one of the most
emblematic tours in the city. We are going to
Tierra del Fuego National Park, and as we are still on time, we stopped here at this panoramic spot to see the dawn,
with these fantastic sunrise colors. With about 63,000 hectares of land
for conservation and contemplation, Tierra del Fuego National Park
was opened in 1960, and it’s just 12 km from downtown. The tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park begins by picking up the passengers
at the hotels. Then we go to the
End of the World Train in the main station
where we board the train. It’s a 7 km route
with one hour duration. As soon as the tour is over,
we wait for the passengers at the last station. And then we start visiting the park,
the Acigami Lake, the Alakush Confectionery, and Lapataia bay,
which is the most important point of the tour because it’s the end of National Route 3 Besides the contemplation
of numerous snow-covered lakes and mountains, it’s possible to do activities such as hiking and watching animals such
as foxes and rare birds. The access to the park is by road
or by the famous End of the World Train. The tour always consists of
leaving the main station and an intermediate stop
at La Macarena Station. We have 15 minutes to stay here, and it’s also where people
take photos in front of the locomotive. So, let’s go trekking. Over there,
the passengers can disembark to visit the different lookouts
that exist in this station and go to La Macarena waterfall, which is the same the prisoners used to supply the locomotives with water. Especially in winter, to visit the National Park, it’s best to hire a tour from a tourism agency, which will take the tourist by bus or van
to the main attractions of the park. The tour usually lasts approximately 5 hours, and it returns to downtown by around 2:00 pm. Another tour that can be done
on the same day of the National Park tour, is to navigate the Beagle Channel. Every day we do this classic navigation called Sea Wolves Island (Isla de Lobos).
Navigating the Beagle Channel. Now we are leaving Ushuaia city
to take a boat tour. So Ushuaia is falling behind,
and let’s navigate to Isla del Faro de Ushuaia
(Ushuaia Lighthouse Island). The tour includes visits
to islands of the Bridges archipelago such as the Birds Island
(Isla de Los Pájaros), a place inhabited by birds
such as the Great Cormorant and the Albatross, and the Sea Wolves Island
(Isla de Los Lobos), where Fur Seals can be seen. The boat is almost touching the island, and we can see the animals very closely. The tour also includes
a visit to Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, one of the Tierra del Fuego postcards. Some of the tours include
a stop on the H island (Isla H), a nature reserve
where you can know some of the local flora. And here on this island
because there aren’t animals, it’s possible to disembark
and walk to this panoramic spot. There are daily tours
but they are subject to weather conditions. Several companies provide this kind of tour, each one with itineraries and services variations. After returning to downtown,
you can enjoy a dinner at Almacén Ramos Generales. This warehouse began
as a French bakery and confectionery. We serve bread to the customers. Also, it’s a bar, a restaurant, a museum, and a women’s clothing store. So, let’s try and taste it. The presentation is very good, now let’s taste it. Hmm… It’s very good. And to go with it,
I ordered a red draft beer. We are starting this day with a hearty breakfast, and we were surprised
because happened a blizzard during the night, and the city dawned all white. There are different winter activities in the region, such as trekking and hiking
with snowshoes, and 4×4 rides exploring the different
Tierra del Fuego landscapes. This kind of ride in 4×4 vehicles allows us to reach places we normally couldn’t reach
with a traditional vehicle. It provides a closer contact
with the local guide. We are here at Emerald Lagoon. One of the most recommended
trekking sites in Ushuaia. And everyone who comes to this trekking already knows it from the internet
because they saw it on some websites. And in two hours we arrive at the lagoon,
two and a half hours depending on the group. Then we have lunch by the lagoon and after that, we return. An important winter center in the city is
the Escuela de Esqui Ushuaia (Ushuaia Ski School). The school offers ski
and snowboard equipment rentals and it’s just 5 minutes from downtown. It’s been twenty-five years since we are here and we offer beginner classes
on a particular ski trail we own. For those who just want to walk,
the school offers canes and crampons rentals, which allow you to easily access
the base of the Martial Glacier, where you can have a great panoramic view
of the city and its bay. The school is ideal for those
who want to play winter sports for the first time or to enjoy a warm family atmosphere
in its Refuge having typical Fueguine food. I recommend you to have
this lentil stew when you come here, which is a very traditional dish in Ushuaia. We are here at Llanos del Castor
where we have snowmobiling, 4×4. All that features winter activities such as
cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skiing. Everything here is made for you,
so you can enjoy it all to the fullest. This snowshoe hike is
for people to know the place. It’s twenty to twenty-five minutes
of walking, having fun, enjoying it all. This is a tour to visit the beaver dams, which are the constructions that
beavers make to live in this region. We go on bikes along demarcated paths and reach four beaver dams. It’s outdoors, but it can be done by anyone and one has to cheer up
because it’s beautiful. Besides the different winter activities, the packages usually include
the transfer to the winter centers and meals in restaurants
with the drink included. It’s recommended to schedule
any of these activities for this day. And to finish the trip through Ushuaia, nothing better than having
a different view of this region surrounded by stories and adventures, by having a night tour in a winter center. This tour is called Pioneers Night, because we tell the story of a pioneer. Ernesto Krund’s story, in this case. And we revive his way of life by taking a snowshoe hike
the same way he did through the valley. At first, we make a crossing with motor vehicles, then we stop and begin a walk, a snowshoe walk. And after this outdoor adventure, we are greeted at this cabin, Ernesto Krund’s cabin. Where there is a reception
with food and warm wine. Cheers! Let’s eat Bondiola a la Parrilla, with potatoes, onions,
and bell peppers made a la disco. So that’s it, let’s eat. I love the snow,
I love the night. The number of stars
we can see in absolute darkness near the Andes is a dream. What we experience is unique. It’s magic, Ushuaia is magic
everywhere you look. Come! As always, the last day
is for buying souvenirs. Several stores offer different products, such as sporting goods,
souvenirs and edible products. It is a family business where jams, alfajores,
cakes and cookies are made. All made with regional
and Patagonian products. Also, you can find
stickers, magnets, and flannels. All related to Ushuaia or Antarctica. San Martin street is the main shopping street
where most of the souvenir stores are. However, near the port we find
the Paseo de Los Artesanos a place with a good variety of products. It’s a fair formed by 48 shops, where you can find
many regional products, all handmade. We have a variety of handcrafted products not found in the downtown stores. And if you have time for one last meal, it’s worth visiting
and having a meal at Taberna del Viejo Lobo. We offer typical Argentine dishes. We also have fast food:
we have burgers, meat sandwiches. We have a large menu with plentiful dishes for the whole family. And the best way of ending our day
is having ice cream. So that’s it. Ushuaia charmed me. It has everything… I don’t know.
The local people also charmed me, they are lovely and welcoming. It was cool, it was very nice
the experience of driving a snowmobile. I will remember an unforgettable landscape
and moments with my son. You need to come and feel this connection
we feel with nature, it is very strong. Forget the city, forget about sending emails,
about the cell phone, and finally get emotional with Ushuaia landscapes. The truth is Ushuaia
can be visited during the whole year, there is always something to see. Always. Come to Ushuaia
because it’s a charming place, and you will learn a lot, a lot about history and nature. We are waiting for you in Ushuaia,
Tierra del Fuego and End of the World. And we end here our
Ushuaia Basic Guide video. So if you enjoyed this video, don’t forget: like it, share it, subscribe to our channel
and follow us on social networks. Soon we will publish a special video
telling you all about this trip, including the values we spent here. See you in the next video. Pé de Viagem.

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