GTM Quick Tip: Test GTM Implementation on Any Site

Hey there and welcome back to another video
of teaching you the data-driven way of digital marketing. My name is Julian, and I’m back with another
quick tip on how you can make your Google Tag Manager work more efficient. Now, you might have the situation where you
want to install Google Tag Manager on the page, you just not have the access yet to
actually install it or you don’t have access to the Google Tag Manager account to actually
install your Google Tag Manager tags, triggers, and variables. Now in order to test the deployment before
you actually have access to the website, you can utilize your demo account that you have
available. All you need is your Google Tag Manager ID. And then you can utilize a little-known extension
or a very well known extension called a Tag Manager injector. This is a great extension that I use for all
of my videos, really. And it gives you a little icon up here where
you can enter your container ID and then you match it up to either the exact match or regex
of the domain that you want to inject this on and then you can click Start. Now you don’t have to care about the push
to the data layer. This is for something that is more specialized. But then your Google Tag Manager will be installed
on that page. Now if I go over to Google Tag Manager and
preview this, it will then also show up my preview debug mode on the page itself, which
is quite handy to do any kind of tag deployment on this page. Now, remember, this only injects the GTM code
on to this website on your browser. So this is not happening for anybody else,
not for your clients, not for anybody else. That is what visiting the website only on
your browser on your computer. So don’t worry if you have any kind of crazy
testing going on with certain tags. It will easily be gone by just stopping the
Tag Manager injector, reloading the page and everything is back to normal. Now, this is great, particularly for testing
tracking. For also preparing an implementation before you actually
have access to the actual website or the Google Tag Manager account and even on other websites
that you might want to get a look at the data layer, for example, you can just utilize to
preview and debug mode to see that as well. So really quick tip to utilize the Tag Manager
injector for your tracking deployment testing. Hey, there it’s me again. Thanks for checking out our quick tip video. Was that helpful? Did you understand something not quite? Then I’d love to hear from you in the comments
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