Group trip – route record

Recording the route for a group trip is the same as recording the route for a single trip Kindly refer video titled “Record the route based on live stream data in single trip” Route recording in group trip can be done only by the admin in Screate Kindly note there is a unique key assigned to every trip This is the key that will be used by the users to join the group trip Select the group trip and start moving Now users from Screate, Sassist can join this group trip by entering the key in the “KEY” button Once a valid key is entered, the “Start” button is enabled The screen in left shows the admin in Screate creating the route The screen in the right shows another user in Screate monitoring and moving along with user1 By default, an orange marker appears at the start and stop of the trip recording Others in the group can monitor the route and live position while its being recorded or post recorded Once finished, click record “Stop”. A dialog box, “Route record finish successful” appears Now click the master,”Stop” button to finish the trip

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