Greenpeace Presents ‘The Polar Traveler’ – (Ft. Rachel McAdams)

I’ve never been much of a traveller. Truth is, I’ll soon be homeless unless I find a new place to live. It’s not just global warming. Shell Oil is about to start drilling in the
Arctic Ocean. My habitat is doomed and time’s running out. Unless someone can stop them. Join the movement. Save the Arctic.

8 thoughts on “Greenpeace Presents ‘The Polar Traveler’ – (Ft. Rachel McAdams)

  1. There is a direct line between the newspaper box and the ballot box and the bread box. If Greenpeace Canada  wants to save the polar bears(and I agree with them) they better understand and change the propaganda system in place. Watch the 1992 NFB of Canada documentary,"Manufacturing Consent" based on the book by Professor Noam Chomsky. The pen is mightier than the sword.

  2. OMG!  It's only up to…US!  We've got to do something-anything-before it's too late!  We must stop Arctic drilling!

  3. Everyone knows this problem , and everyone has the complete certainty that soon will face a big change worldwide. The issue is that scientists , sometimes even try but get hands tied in many cases due to large amount of money rolling in these absurd and the main culprit , too, is the population ! In that does not help , it does not manifest itself , does absolutely nothing , some of laziness and others because they think this change will only occur here a long time and they will be dead ! People have become selfish , just look for yourself and forget the world, forget to think collectively and that is what is destroying the world , selfishness and the search for money without limits !
    But I still have faith in humanity , the good ones are still the majority and we will win this fight !

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