Green Malta: An Ecotour and Olive Oil Tasting

On the Mediterranean island of Malta, there is one color that is worth more than
gold. Near the town of Mgarr, along the Victoria Lines, a British defensive wall built in the late
1800s, we met the enterprising couple, Christian and Jeannette Borg of Merill Ecotours. From exotic trees to rosemary bushes we took a leisurely walking tour through a special patch of Malta’s green
space. Here, we would find one of the few remaining olive groves on the island. Sustainable harvests from these trees offered
an opportunity for me and Tricia to smell and taste authentic Maltese
olive oil. It tasted even better when drizzled on fresh
bread, sprinkled with fragrant rosemary, and a shimmering layer of honey, which was also produced on this green, flower-filled
space. Malta has much to offer in the way of natural
products and experiences, and ecotourism companies like Merill are the
key to protecting Malta’s green spaces for future

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