Greece on the Brink – Documentary [HD]

Thieves! Thieves! The wealth of the country belongs to its people. Thieves! Thieves! Thieves! Thieves! Don’t hit me! The closure of ERT happened because the government is subservient to the interests of the Greek and international capitalists. Following their orders, the Greek government decided to do something that had never happened before in the world: shut down the public TV and radio stations in the country. They are thinking about closing down the peripheral stations. If this happens, we probably won’t have peripheral stations I have a simple example I could give you from Rhodes, where ERT, while it was functioning, had a 10KW transmitter, while the Turkish transmitter on the opposite coast is 100KW. The Turkish transmitter kept interfering with the Greek one and when the Rhodes transmitter was switched off, the Turkish transmitter replaced the Greek one so now in Rhodes Greek people can only listen to Turkish radio. The Greek islands are the ones suffering most. Since the Turkish transmitters are very powerful, just like the transmitters of Skopje, they cover the the province of Western Macedonia, leaving the Greek people who live on the borders with no opinions nor information about what is going on in Greece. The other thing you could talk to us about is how does ERT function right now, being under the control of its own workers and staff. Are there tensions between the staff and if there are, how are these resolved? Would you also say that with this way of working some things have become more efficient or creative? Yes. From this question, of course, we cannot exclude people who supported certain political parties and who, in recent years, through political patronage had got a job at ERT, working for very high wages. This has nothing to do with the rest of the 2,500 workers, it concerned at most 100 people. Kedikoglou himself gave jobs to 25 people in 2013 alone, the last one, I think, started working in May 2013, and a month afterwards he closed down ERT. He was obviously returning favours to the people he got employed in ERT, in a way in which he showed that he did his best, while the political leadership could no longer sustain ERT as a functioning body. In this worldwide initiative, they must have gotten into serious trouble with public opinion all around the world, with global organisations transmitting in collaboration with ERT, like FIFA, UEFA, EBU, all of them had contracts with ERT and will now ask for a repayment of their lost profits. This should happen, so that the damage caused by this ridiculous government and its half-baked and rushed initiatives will be exposed on a global scale. We have been preserving the national property of ERT, which is in reality, the property of the Greek people. It does not belong to the politicians who closed us down, and we have a responsibility towards the Greek people to preserve it. The government decided to abolish the ERT Orchestra and Choir, something that was announced by the government spokesman, Mr Simos Kedikoglou. He is the same man who in 2010 was taking part in our demonstrations against the plans of PASOK to shut down the ET1 channel and the TV and radio listings magazine of ERT. The man who we saved from the hands of the riot police was the one who announced the closure of ERT, stating that the ERT Orchestra and Choir will be no more. The ERT Orchestra and Choir weren’t silenced when the Nazis invaded Greece in the 1940s. They were silenced by a Greek government in 2013, along with the rest of ERT. So there’s no plan for us. We have, however, support from around the world. We have received letters and videos from Israel and from European television channels, that have Choirs, saying we cannot let that happen. It is a blow against culture. A******** Protect the democracy! Bread, Education, Freedom! The junta didn’t go away in 1973!

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  1. It's so disturbing to see comments about Jewish bankers and Zionism related to the world economic crisis! Disgusting and so misguided. Jews are on both sides of the crisis. Many of the leading leftist and progressive thought leaders are and have always been Jews. Richard Wolff, Robert Reich and Gar Alperovitz to name a few.

  2. Such onesided documentary… I'm getting sick how every fucking party whant to profit from the bads happening in greece. everybody want to snatch a piece of the greece corpse. even you! bah! it doesn't matter which side has been token, just stop this bullshit journalism and start the real talk. that would be the only way to help greece

  3. 5:30 Malaysia? The GDP per capita (PPP adjusted) of Malaysia is close to that of Greece, it has an economy larger than Greece, consistent GDP growth over 5%, unemployment less than 5%, high HDI, ranks 6th in ease-of-doing-business index while Greece ranks over 70…

  4. 15:20 Removal of administrative staff increases the ratio of non-teaching staff to students? The Greeks are supposed to be good at ratios and stuff like that, probably not anymore.

  5. society is regressing to stone age, soon 90% of excluded people over south europe without job wil not survive and everything from industry to services wil be tailored only for that 10% to consume, and those 90% will be put to concentration camps,

  6. Μου ομοεθνών σήμερα είναι μια φοβερή ημέρα για εμάς, αλλά αυτό είναι μια φορά για την ευκαιρία που μπορούμε να εξεγερθούν ενάντια στους καταπιεστές μας μπορούμε να δημιουργήσουμε μια νέα Ελλάδα. εμείς απλά πρέπει να ενοποιηθούν και να ενώσει όλους τους Έλληνες του εξωτερικού και εγχώριες. Μπορούμε να είναι γερό και δυνατό σαν τους αρχαίους χρόνους μπορούμε να εξαπλωθεί ακόμη νεοσύστατη Ελλάδα μας να χάσει τη γη μας, όπως η Ανατολική Θράκη και την Κωνσταντινούπολη. Αλλά πρώτα πρέπει να μάθουμε να στηριζόμαστε στον εαυτό μας γιατί εμείς οι Έλληνες είμαστε οι μόνοι που ενδιαφέρονται για την Ελλάδα.

  7. I am Evangelical Christian. In the Old Testament there existed the Year of Jubilee where all of Israel received their land that was lost through debt. No family would every lose their means of sustenance. Could a modern day version be a reduction of interest rates on the debt coupled with a gradual reduction in principal so in people could have their country back? A period time to adopt discipline not an eternity of punishment. These are people. I cannot stand to see anyone's spirit crushed

  8. I just saw the world premiere of a great documentary on the Greek crisis about 2 hrs. long called "Agora' " ( covering the period 2010-2014) here at the Trento, Italy Festival of Economics…. I'm sure it will be soon available on youtube.

  9. The Greeks did this to themselves. Not paying taxes, retiring in their forties and spend spend spend and now they have their begging bowls out. They should never have been allowed into the EU monetary union. They were and are a third world country.

  10. There  the left goes again blaming capitalism… the Greeks never practise capitalism in the first place…they never accept responsibility for their actions. central planning is not capitalism

  11. One thing I disagree with in this documentary is bemoaning the cutbacks in the public service.  Clearly the documentary makers have never experienced Greek public service upfront.  Dozens of employees sitting around doing NO work while the queues grow and grow.  Then when it reaches 2pm and you still haven't been served, they kick you out and tell you to come back another day (in other words, ask your boss for another day off and potentially lose more pay).  It took me 10 years to get Greek citizenship and all because 4-5 different departments couldn't agree on certain laws, and then the laws would change in between processing so you would have to start all over again.  I feel sorry for those who lost their jobs, but complaining that you've lost a job in a sector with low output, awful service and no concept of modernisation, it's hard to have a feeling of 'well, it had to happen sooner or later.'

  12. Jesus… only half-way through did I realize this was a communist propaganda film…

    All of you Marxists are bitching about capitalists exploiting you for private gains… Well you just had 3 weeks of capital control, 3 weeks without the capitalists money to prop up your banks. Was it fun, was it utopia?

    If you are all so socialist why don't you redistribute your wealth among those poor and give some of your salary to the ones who lost their jobs or pensions? But you never have and never will, because socialism is only 'fair' when someone else is doing the sharing, not you. 

    I would have liked my country to have early retirement and huge pensions and mañana -spirited tax system, but thank god my people are smart enough to think of tomorrow and not make dumb promises to a bunch of gullible dummies.

  13. globalization is the death of individual wealth of the general population, capitalism can work if competition is not driven on a global scale, give the local market a change so money will recirculate among the national population, and local government can benefit of the taxes generated on local commerce so it can service the people, instead of letting the money flow out of the country and into the secret bankaccounts of large multinationals or competing countries. Globalization is only good for multinationals and banks, not the national governments and their people.

  14. The only people in Greece that live without electricity and water are immigrants from Africa and Asia , and I can assure you no Greek gives a fuck about them , but they are used pretty well to make pro-solidarity documentaries like this one ,Greek people are not poor , their country is in crisis , but people are not poor , I've lived there , I know their life , they are still doing much better than Romania , Bulgaria , Czech Republic , Hungary , Poland , Lithuania , Latvia , Estonia , Croatia , countries that make great sacrifices to keep their economy up and they are supposed to pay money for the Greek debt , why the fuck ??? they have bigger houses than the Spanish for example , 2-3 cars per family , summer houses on islands or in the country , and yea money in the bank , pensions of 1200-1500 euro some of them ., all I saw in this doc. were immigrants , gypsies and communists ,fuck that bullshit … we have to save the Greeks from losing their wealthy position ?  Ok but ,but what about them people living in areas like Omonia , people excluded from society for being immigrants , digging in the trash , living with other 7 in small rooms , I've seen with my own eyes people like that being harassed and beaten by police , being offended by Greeks in the streets , what about these people ???

  15. See USSR for planned economy success, it isn't there. China deregulated it's economy and it grew. What we need to properly managed capitalism, not planned economy.

  16. it is agricultural country,,how can they have pensions and uneployment benrfits and government jobs''how can they have office jobs when greece does not have industry

  17. Grexit goddamit. Mana mou Hellas, take back your Drachma! Take back what is rightfully yours! Greece was sold out to the EU/Troika by rotten corrupted politicians who care more about their millions 💰 secured safely in Swiss banks than about Greece and its people.