Graser Animated – Zach’s Pizza Party

I’m here! With DField. In the baaaack! M: The only reason why Graser is here is so that we can watch Star Wars. And then he’s literally flying home, in like 12 hours P: *Laughs* Oh gosh
A: But get this, but get this. He’s like ‘Yo we have an exclusive theatre to myself!’ I’m like ‘Wow! Why is it exclusive?’ He’s like ‘Oh well it’s at 2 O’ Clock in the morning. No one else wanted to go.’ *laughter and banging on tables* And then he’s like ‘But it’s so cool cause it’s one of those like fancy like restaurant ones so now I can have a pizza buffet an no one would judge me.’ So Graser is travelling to Chicago To see Star Wars at 2 O’ Clock in the morning To have a pizza buffet by himself *Graser is laughing really loud.* P: That sounds like a Graser thing.
*Graser: No, no!* A: Of all the things most Graser, A and P: That’s-That is the one. G: That’s something I’ll tell my kids, you know?
A: Yup. G: That’s like-I wouldn’t tell them about the professional trips they’re too well planned out. P: I just imagine Graser sitting down with his little kids and he’s like *Imitating Older Graser* Gather round’ everyone, Once Upon a Time I went to Chicago for no reason! THE END! Hey, I like how you’re travelling to another country A: Yeah!
*Drowned out by Graser’s laughter* A: Next time you come to L.A
G: Next time I go there Instead of Chicago! Like, ‘My name’s Graser and I travel to another country to see a movie and I DON’T bother going to Los Angeles! P: Oh shoot. G: Shut up! Shut up! Why would it have to be Los Angeles in the first place? Out of all countries. Why Los Angeles? A: Well I don’t know that’s where they MAKE the movies. Okay. P: Countries?! I mean States! States. Chicago is a dank State it’s got like that Tower there. You know? A: Y-You mean Trump Tower? No! Yeah and then the downtown L.A It’s only got like that bank. It’s kinda boring. P: *laughing W-what?
A: WHAT?! *catching his breath* P: Downtown L.A is like New York. *everyone talking over each other. I CAN’T MAKE IT OUT I’M SORRY!!!!!* G: The tallest building is the bank! A: What a fact to know, Graser. Like, I don’t know anything about L.A P: I think it’s actually like Capital Records or something.
A: Except it’s tallest building. A: No, it is the US Bank.
G: Yeah I told you.
P: Oh well A: He’s correct! *drum noises*

100 thoughts on “Graser Animated – Zach’s Pizza Party

  1. I felt a little uncomfortable when u we're talking about Chicago b/c I live in Chicago. This kind of offended me…..😠

  2. Omg I <3 <3 <3 these!!!! I'm still laughing about Stacy's Pony!! Next can you do when Stacy road the horse off the cliff??

  3. I forgot the graders name was zach so I thought his brothers name was zach and i thought the video was about him because I'm an idiot

  4. lol chicago is the best city in america… cause im here AYYOOO. lol but for real im still hoping ill bump into graser randomly.

  5. Love the animation! <3 But can you do any of the following, please?
    1) Stacy Falls of a Cliff (feat. Horse)
    2) When you accidentally swore and said, "motherf**kers" in Will's stream, thinking you could just bleep it out like a normal video.

    xD Thanks for clicking Read more by the way. And I was wondering, can everyone vote on which one is better? 1) or 2)? I'm just curious. Thank you! 🙂

  6. Graser you should do the vid where you fell out of your chair farting with Grape, Poke, Tofuu and Straub! LOLLLLL

  7. you should do animations of some of rushes rage moments you have they would be so funny i miss the old funny rusher it feels like years since i seen you guys do videos together i miss it you guys are hilarious together

  8. I love ❤️ Los Angles

    My Home Los Angles 😘😍😻🥀🌹🌷🌸🌺🌻🌼🍄❤️💛💚💙💜❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟♥️

    Like if you agree 👍

  9. How do you make animations I’ve been googleling it and I am still too dumb to learn how to do it XD

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