GOT7 2019 World Tour ‘KEEP SPINNING’ in Manila – After Movie

Welcome back to the Philippines, GOT7! We’ve been going to other countries to watch their concerts and now, this it. Yes, finally! We’ve waited for this concert for so long. This is definitely a big milestone for us. We will be here always and forever. We will support you forever and ever. Thank you very much for your music, GOT7. I don’t even want to go to work tomorrow. Can I just skip work? This is my first ever concert. It’s very nice. Oh my god, they are so handsome! Fine. Good. Great! So amazing! Seeing our bias makes our heart flutter. It was super fun! The show is intense! The best! Super worth the wait. Come back soon, guys! We love you. “Walang uuwi”=We’re not going home. Since we have a big venue right here I think it’s a good idea to start a wave. You guys want to do a wave? We will always try to show our best Thank you and I love you guys. We will come back soon. We love you! Everybody, thank you so much Thank you so much. Manila, one last time. Make some noise! We’re going to be back here soon. Stay tuned! We love you!

100 thoughts on “GOT7 2019 World Tour ‘KEEP SPINNING’ in Manila – After Movie

  1. Im proud to say that I was part of this green ocean thank you po inang for bringing Got7 again here in the Philippines.. We love Got7 sulit yung bayad ko 😭😭😭😭

  2. they are truly dedicated to all aghases in the whole wide world that they are really learning english so much (and they really improved a lot) to communicate and be in touch and express themselves!!!! love these guys since day 1!! and YoungJae mah man is sooooo freakin adorable!!

  3. Super thank you again Inang Happee and Pulp for bringing GOT7 here in Manila!!! We are zo excited for the next one!!!

  4. Nasamaaaaa akoooo omg 3:10–3:18 hahahahahaa cheers to my 1st ever concert experience 💚💚💚 LOVE YOU GOT7 !!!

  5. I love it how jinyoung pretends to be the normal one. Yet he's the same as them he's just really good at hiding his freaky self

  6. Im so honored to see got7 live on stage it feels like im in heaven , it was so fun and exciting to watch my throat is about the explode while screaming in the arena GOT7 WE LOVE YOU ALL FROM AHGASE ❤️❤️💖😎

  7. LMAO Mark was just legit covering Jackson cuz he was shirtless (mark I love you but I would like to enjoy Jackson being shirtless xxx)

  8. Ahhh!! One week ago na pero hindi ako makamove on!!!😭😭😭 Imiss them!! CHOI YOUNGJAE IS BEAUTIFUL just Like my bestfriend JB😍

  9. Thank you also my Dear Got7. I will make sure for your next concert/fanmeeting i will see you 😍😍♥️💖

  10. Wow hi manila!
    I'm ahgase of Mexico city and i like sooo much this video, power ahgase ❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    “CAN I JUST SKIP WORK” -bianne @ 3:11


    I MADE A VLOG TOO BABES WITH MY CONCERT EXPERIENCE ♥️♥️♥️ it’s on my channel 🙈 i hope you’ll check it out 💕

    thank you so much inang n pulp 🥰😍 till next!!!!!

  12. Yung girls at 2:32, Standing VIP B, you guys are the BESTTT! Find me on Twitter please (@theprostan). I didn't get your names or usernames so pleaseee DM me let's be friends!

  13. Me watching made me feel more miserable for not attending GOT7's concert. Team Bahay pa rin. 😑😭

  14. UwU..Youngjae really love PH ahgases. Considering that he was the last member to exit and continuously giving hearts to everyone. He also came prepared for his tagalog script. Always saying "mahal ko kayo" and you can see in his eyes that he really enjoyed the night. My otter is really precious :((( how can you hate that kind of artist. For the last years, he's very underrated but now, Im so glad that people starts to recognize his talent. Please continue to support our sunshine :)) our very own baby otter always gives his best in all so pleaseee love him the way he love us! Happy to be a Youngjae biased since day1. When he say "Mahal ko kayo" I know that he really meant that. Please do support him always! THANKYOUU PH AHGASES FOR MAKING OUR OTTER FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH US. Mahal ko kayo!

  15. my first concert experience has been a BLAST!!! THANK YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU PULP PH, THANK YOU HAPPEE HOUR!! THAAANK YOU GOT7!! AAAAHHHH!!!


  16. Jb – bestfriendzone
    Bambam – kapatidzone
    Youngjae – asozone

    pero shemaaaay i still remember their faces!!! 😭😭💚💚 ANG GWAGWAPO NILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  17. A week has passed but the feeling is still fresh. Thank you so much GOT7 and Thank you Inang 💚💚 Sana bumalik sila sa 2020. Yun lang hiling ko ngayong pasko. 💚🙏

  18. Hi new subscriber here, thanks for this happy & beautiful recap of our guys Got7 concert! Looking forward for more!😍💚🐥

  19. Ako lang ba hesitant pumunta sa boy group concerts kasi I'm a guy? Well, next time di ko na palalampasin ang Got7! I'm ready to fanboi lol

  20. Gwapo ni youngjae shems!!!!! Miss ko na silaaaaaa, GOT7!!! pinaghahandaan ko na maging VIP sa concert nyoooo. Mahal ko kayo di nako GA promise!!! 💚💚💚

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