GoPro Max Review | 360 Camera on a Rollercoaster

100 thoughts on “GoPro Max Review | 360 Camera on a Rollercoaster

  1. Loved when he said he liked the screen to see you’re framing. Isn’t the point of a 360 cam to not worry about framing? 🤔😂

  2. Potato jet, can you advise something to me. Looking for 1st purchase camera next to my smartphone. Shall i get gpmax or mavic mini? Will use a lot in motovlog and nightride. Pls help.

  3. I met your buddy Alex Knickerbocker at YouTube Space yesterday. Cool dude. First thing I said was that I recognized him and his response was, "Oh, here we go!" 😂

  4. Three lenses covering entire 360 degrees would give better images.. Just an idea, it might get costly but gopro does not exactly create cameras for the poor..

  5. interesting footage. Whats verdict on the Canon G7x mark III firmware update? Does it make it a worth while purchase??

  6. This is awesome! Been torn on to either go with the Hero 8 (currently have the 7) or go with the Max. Think I’ll be going with the Max now! Thanks for the quick review!

  7. Do you need a NASA powered computer to use the computer software for this? I tried the insta 360 one x, but it's computer app kept freezing on my computer. And I couldn't figure out a way to get full quality edited footage from my phone to computer. Because of this I had to get rid of it.

  8. Just a question. One of the reasons I bought mine last month because I have seen footage where it actually erased the stick much like what I see in your video? Is there a specific stick for that? In my videos I still see my stick.

    P.S. I'm a new noob

  9. I always thought 360 footage was pure gimmicky nonsense but the Rollercoaster footage has made me a believer in the GoPro Max. Too bad I've sworn off rollercoasters after the Hershey Park "Incident"… My lawyers have advised me to never speak about the "Incident" in public

  10. Can you do a review/comparison of the pgytech onemo backpack and the Peter McKinnon nomatic backpack? Can’t make up my mind on these two

  11. Gene’s story about lefty’s sneeze was…👌 I died laughing and cried because uh rollercoasters😷

  12. 1:25 – nice and fun
    10 seconds later …… 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭🎢🎢🎢🚀🚀🚀🛩🛩🛩✈✈✈🚧🚧🚧🚧⚠⚠💨💨💨💨
    Fyi im scared of rollercoasters and this made almost gave me a heart attack
    Amazing camera though👌👌

  13. 360 cameras definitely feel like the future but the editing process feels tedious… that said, it's so dope not having to think of where you point the camera!

    Gotta say that the footage looks really good!

  14. 360 cameras are old school not how you said 5 years ago more around like 10, tho I am looking for a 3D 360 camera that has better resolution so that you put on VR googles and see it and feels like you are reliving it. There is a few very good ones that been out for a while but way to expensive so I want to see new cameras that are more budget friendly in the requirements I need it for since its been a while already that these have been out.

  15. I should have asked to do a business lunch at 5000 subscribers…. 500000 is in sight… now you probably have a handler…. lefty?

  16. Tell Mattie about GoPro mimic feature!!! In his video he said that one of the reasons he didn't like the MAX because it lacks it.

  17. You should do a vid on the beastgrip DOF with one of your epic lenses on the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I think that vid would rock! Would love to see your review of it

  18. Haha I would love to see sneezing dog hammering both your heads in slow motion. How did you react to that in slow motion

  19. In the 1960s my 66-year-old Chilean great-uncle who was insane insisted that we repeatedly ride the big old wooden coaster in Long Beach with our heads sticking out the front. Now that I'm 77, yeah, gimme the Accelerator. In memoriam, Tio Hernan, I forgive you for calling me gringo cara de poto and making a bus full of Mexicans crack up.

  20. Potato-san, since GoPro will soon be giving the Hero8 the Mods to be used as a journalist's GoSlo pocket interview camera, here's a suggestion (wish list): Potato Jet features on using the Hero8 that way and for color grading GoPro 8 footage. I've done it, but would love to see some tips for holding the 8 for small movements, e.g., slow moves while filming in music rehearsals, elementary classrooms, etc. Maybe you could decide which of your LUTs works best for people clips.

  21. I love how good stitching looks nowadays, the quality is so good compared to portable 360 cams of the last few years which imo had pretty unusuable footage until now.

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