Google’s Career Services Summit – 2013

today at Google’s Europe, Middle East, and
Africa headquarters to launch our inaugural
Career Services Summit. We’ve invited a number of
university career service professionals and some
of our diversity partners to Google in Dublin
for a one day summit. SILA AWAD: The
idea of this summit is to educate our guests about
the different opportunities, internships, competitions that
we have for their students. They are going to
tour the office, explore the Google
working environment, see how everything
is in the company. We’re also going to go into
details such as the recruitment process at Google, CV writing
skills, interviewing skills. JOHN HERLIHY: We
think you guys are developing fantastic graduates. That’s why we’re delighted
to be here with you today. But we think when you add that,
the melting pot that we’re creating, we’re going
to create fantastic careers for these guys. [APPLAUSE] ANDREW WRIGHT: Nice surprise
that everyone working here at Google is having great
fun enjoying their jobs. It’s like no other
office I’ve ever been to. ELISE KAMPHUIS: Well
I liked about Google is the diversity– a
lot of nationalities who work at Google
and what I also like was that they hire people
from different backgrounds so you don’t have to be an
engineer or a specialist in business. AMY WALKER: I’m astounded. I want to be a Googler. I want to be a Googler. I think for me the
highlight that stood out for the day was hearing about
the different university programs because that’s
the information that I need to take back to my students
at Carnegie Mellon in Qatar. BECKY STECKHAHN-STROHEMER:
The one thing that I’m going to take back
is that even though Google is such a large
company, it’s still a very personal experience
for every single employee. That is something they
should be really proud of. SHEILA BYRNE: It’s the
fact that Google really puts time, effort, and
energy into thinking about their people. The company really does
care about their Googlers and it shows.

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