90 thoughts on “#GoogleGrandTour The Grand Tour of Italy

  1. I thought this video was about Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May driving across Italy in exotic supercars… was disappointed

  2. Or you could just save up and go if you want to go.. And if a virtual tour, why Italy? Take me to uncharted islands with hidden grottos, caves and beautiful non-commercial natural landscapes

  3. Italy are killer Muslims. look at they flag color. GREEN slime. RED communist death. WHITE all Daiass(Hindu lamp fire) or days.

  4. So i went on Google this morning and i see this,
    See how machine learning is helping us tackle gender bias in movies.

  5. I am remarkable because i watch youtube at 4AM

  6. Did you just make facebook a default app in the last lolloipo update march 2017 😠😠
    What's goin'oon google?!!

  7. Nice video but I was expecting something more, then I realized, how is possible to concentrate the whole Italy history, culture, tradition in just in just 1.22? This is just a teaser, thanks Google.

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