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What’s up guys i’m Jon and today we’re going to be discussing Google Trips. Which is google’s newest travel app. Which came out last week. And we’re going to decide. Is it the best travel app that’s ever come out? Now if you’re new to this channel I want to encourage you to subscribe right now. As we have weekly videos coming out, tips, vlogs, looking to help you travel smarter. I’ve had a chance to play with this app for a couple of days. And i’ve been very impressed. Now let’s talk about exactly what google trips is. And essentially google is trying to create the ultimate application. Where you can bundle all of your info like: Flight reservations, hotel details, car rentals, and knowledge about the location you’re going to be going to. And let’s take a closer look at the actual app in action. So when you actually open it list where you currently are, which is New York City. Where you’re going to be going and it’s my next trip to Mexico City. And where you’ve been last. And here you can see my trip to San Diego from August 30th. All this information is generated directly from your g-mail account. And it did feel a little bit “Big Brothery”at first. Now le’ts take a look at some of the features in action. And we’re going to use my upcoming trip to Mexico City as an example. You click on the city then you click on reservations. It has both of my flight details already shown. I don’t have a hotel yet. It somehow took the intercontinental hotel from an American Express e-mail. So their are still bugs i’m going to be talking about. You have all your flight details including the outbound and the inbound. Which is nice to keep you pretty organized. Another neat feature is it takes Airbnb emails and it will show your apartment if you reserved one. I didn’t for Mexico City yet. But we can look at an old reservation from Rosarito, Mexico as a good example. And now as we look into that reservation. It will show you the address which is crucial if you’re trying to find your apartment without wifi. As well as your hosts phone number, and any emails that you guys have sent back and forth. Let’s check out some of the other features. Let’s click on the things to do button. There’s plenty of cool options in Mexico City. This is all ordered by Google Reviews. We have the Museo Nacional de Antropologia. Try saying that three times fast. And this takes away extra research that you probably would be doing on google anyway. Outside of organizing your reservations. My favorite feature of this application is the day planner. Because let’s face it. If you’re in a city for a short period you want to maximize your time there. We’re going to hit the day plan button now. And we have a lot of different options around Mexico City. They even have a child friendly one. Let’s look at the downtown highlights. It lists their top 9 choices with ratings,information. You can even tell Google if you have only a morning and it will shorten the route so you can create a custom path. I think having the pre-planned routes is an awesome thing. It can help you plan your trip before you even get there. Normally I would rely on something like trip advisor for this. But now with google trips, I can check both out and see what I like better. Alright moving on let’s check out the food and drinks tab. After we open it up, it gives you a quick over view of the food of Mexico City. As well as the different types of delicacies. And it even gives you a description about them if you click. Then you can go into top spots and this is all based on google reviews. But I like how it organizes them by genre.. Like family friendly and on a budget . This is another spot where in the past I may have used trip advisor to look this sort of thing up. But they organize it really well. As far as other features are concerned without showing on screen examples. They have a getting around button which describes how the taxis work. Public transportation. And then an on arrival option. And this describes how much a taxi should cost. What the procedures are there to leave the airport. If they have ubers available. If they have buses or trains. And i’m always looking that up before I arrive somewhere So now with google trips, having that all in one spot does make my life a little bit easier. Another cool button is the need to know. And it has emergency phone numbers, the names and addresses of hospitals. As well as shopping which includes the names of local malls . Also there is a currency tab. And even something about the tipping policies of that city. Guys two more things to keep in mind. One, it’s available on all IOS and Android devices. And two you can download any of the city guides and use it in offline mode even when internet is not available. While i’m a big fan of this app. I do think their are three things that google could do to improve i t. Number one. It’s just a little bit buggy. It listed hotels that i’ve never stayed at. And cities that i’ve never been to. For example it shows a trip to Abu Dhabi in November of 2013. Can’t say I’ve ever been there. And they took this information from a flight deal e-mail that I got that… Their are definitely some kinks that need to be worked out. The second thing I think google needs to add is the ability with people with other e-mail addresses outside of g-mail To be able to use this service. For example what if all of your flight details and hotels are in a business e-mail address? And the third thing.. I think they should add some sort of a converter onto their. Especially if you’re an american going to Europe. Or the other way around. And also what about some useful words, useful phrases. In the host language of the city that you’re going to be going to. To finalize, is this the best travel app ever? I’m not ready to give google trips that honor just yet. I think google needs to work out some of the bugs. Needs to improve some of the content in the city information before it could get that kind of a crown. But what that being said. I do think every traveler should have it on their phone. I’m already finding it extremely useful. Guys, I hope you all enjoyed this video. Please share it with your friends. Hit the like button. And i’m also going to be putting a link in the description to my best travel apps video. I think a lot of you will find it very useful. Be a part of where you go.Thanks for watching.

25 thoughts on “Google Trips- App Review

  1. Like it you do reviews like this πŸ˜€ I can imagine it feels weird the app just get's it out of your email…. would feel weird to me too! On the other hand, even if they don't show you they know everything already πŸ˜‰

    Day planner would be cool. Maybe should look deeper into this πŸ™‚

  2. Good morning Jon, nice review, thumbs up from us πŸ˜‰ As we also travelling sometimes πŸ˜‰ we will give it a try next time. We wish you a nice day. Greetings from Phuket

  3. This is Awesome! I am installing this app right now! This could come very useful for me! I am currently backpacking South America and I am consistently traveling city to city! I do not have internet on the road either, so the offline city guide with be very useful! Thanks for the great find my friend! Cheers πŸ™‚

  4. wow, seems so cool! i had downloaded it last week but haven't played around with it yet. good to know that they have kid friendly suggestions! good advice for improvements.

  5. That is pretty cool that it incorporates things like Airbnb into it by itself, even if it is a bit buggy. Cool features this app has. I typically use Trip Advisor as well.

  6. I should definitely check that out, we have so many travels coming up. So perfect to organize everything, including airbnb, awesome πŸ™‚ Getting all those tips as well. Perfect πŸ™‚

  7. We downloaded this app the day it was released and we've put all our NZ details into it.It does look good, but yet again it's another travel app that doesn't let you manually add places or routes… slightly disappointed with it at the moment, but hoping it will gain new features soon.We still heavily use the Roadtrippers app for planning our trips. Slightly more customisable we've found.

  8. This is a really good review. A little skeptical on the big brother aspect. You make some good points. I'm going to wait till they've refine the product a little

  9. Intersting! Unfortunately I can't use it just yet. My gmail is just for work, and all of my travel stuff (flights, hotels, aribnb) goes to my personal email which is another provider. But I'm curious to see it evolve in the future. Google has been coming up with a lot of travel products lately!

  10. I also hope that they make it so that you can have multiple destinations within one trip. Like If I'm going to Thailand, then it should be able to house all my transportation, hotels, and travel guides/day planners. I'm guessing that I'll have to have 4 distinct trips in Google Trips to cover my full 4 stop Thailand trip for the 2 weeks.

  11. Hi. Do you know how to adjust the options in the Day Plans? How do I remove a place I wouldnt like to visit and how to inculde the ones I want? Alternatively, is there a way to connect my saved places (the ones I would like to visit), hence showing how to go from one to the next and which order should I follow? Thanks!

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