google search for the traveller using Google Flights

hello there this is Dirk Rop i’m going
to show you some more features of the google search engine for instance if you
are a traveller you can find an exchange rate of any currency in google search
engine, for this i have prepared to this little document and i
already have prepared a something to put in the search engine so I’m going to
control-c this close this down and put it in the search engine you see we get to
rate from hongkong dollar against the euro now the hongkong dollar against the euro
used to be 1 to 10 but the euro went down during the last couple is of years you find here for instance you can you Dansk Krone
against the hongkong dollar and you will see that this is 1 to 1.18 agains the hongkong dolloar so this is a little bit the way around I want to show you something more if
you want to know flights you go to flights type the location you want to go I want to go to Hongkong because I now the currency Hongkong Interantional that’s a very good
airport you can find here the cheapest prices for you to get from amsterdam from to hongkong for instance this is a trip which is really achieved not even 500
euros well this is what I wanted to show you
regarding traveling about google search engine thank you very much

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