Google Search Features

The first thing I do when I wake up in the
morning…I get on my computer, and I open up Google. That’s my homepage, and that’s
where I start. I type in ‘Weather,’ ‘Cincinnati,’
and it comes up instantly. The first thing I do is check out the 49ers.
The Bears. The Cowboys!
The Saints. I’m following the presidential race, and
‘Narrowing by Time’ keeps me up to date, fast. I just type in what movie and my zip code,
and it’ll pop up. There’s this theater, with this time. It’s so fast. My mind still works in Celsius sometimes.
It’s really helpful for us to have the conversion function. I use the calculator a lot. I’m constantly
giving out price quotes. I’m always putting in, like, how many ounces
are in a cup. Or, you know, things like that. I like to try new restaurants. Finding it
on Google is really easily done. We found a number of recipes that use pineapples.
Maddy doesn’t like raisins, so we actually de-selected the recipes with raisins…so
what came up were foods that the kids liked. I always come back to my tried and true Google. I like to use the Google Voice function to
do my searches. There’s a little thing that looks like a microphone…so I’ll press
that and then just speak right into it “Waikiki Beach.” It comes up with a search just like you would
get when you type something in. I saw this plant that I really, really loved.
And we took a picture, and we were able to figure out what it was. So it’s now on our
balcony. I use Google Search to search by subject.
Getting black and white pictures instead of just colored photos Google can make you look like a genius. Google makes things so easy. Now if Google could just make my son eat his
vegetables… It’s truly amazing.

97 thoughts on “Google Search Features

  1. Google must provide only search system.
    It is not good for users to collect their personal information like in "Google+".

  2. The entire standard system is dumb, metric system is so much easier to use. I mean seriously who measures in 1/18th increments (inches) ugh.

  3. I totally agree. Some things can only be measured in metric (volts, amperes, watts).
    By the way, an inch is 1/12th of a foot.

  4. id say 99% of people search for facebook or youtube when they go on, not the weather or a football team

  5. Don't know if I should LIKE 'cause I don't or DISLIKE because it sounds like harron1 thinks that everyone has Google as their homepage.

  6. what's really weird.. you search in you username, your name, all the stuff about you.. it's on google… : kind of stupid. stalkers find you faster.. I don't like it..

  7. Breathing is the process that moves air in and out of the lungs. There is no need to advertise something like that.

  8. Someone said "my mind still works in Celsius sometimes" however she is supposed to say "Americans still work in Fahrenheit so I have to convert from Celsius".

  9. how do i activate featured snippets when i google something in google chrome they dont appear but if i do search the same exact thing it in microsoft edge they do.

  10. Do you think BitClave will be able to compete Google? They're building a decentralized monetized search engine. They claim Google uses our data for free. They suggest an idea that you will be paid for searches

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