Google Pixel 3a: This Changes Everything

– [Michael] This is the Google Pixel 3, and this is the Pixel 3A. What’s the difference? A few specs, a couple features, and hundreds of dollars.
(upbeat music) The Pixel 3A might look almost
exactly like the Pixel 3, but it has the potential
to be a turning point for smartphones in the U.S. See, while my fellow
phone geeks, of course, know what a Pixel is
and why it’s important, the majority of regular folks don’t. Because it doesn’t matter how great it is to have guaranteed software updates or even a camera that kicks
out the most striking photos, if the phone is only sold on one carrier at the same price as iPhones and Galaxy’s with much more eye-catching designs, people aren’t gonna buy the thing. When I was building this video, the seven-month-old Pixel
3 was on sale for $200 off, but even so, it started
at a buck shy of $600. Well, with the Pixel 3A,
Google is changing the game. The camera is nearly identical
to that of the Pixel 3, right down to the censor. The software is the same too, including the squeeze
shortcut for Google Assistant with guaranteed three years of updates. The phone comes in two
sizes, just like before, but instead of being
available only on Verizon or Google Fi, the Pixel
3A will hit the shelves of almost every U.S. carrier. And it will start at $399. That’s just over half
the price of the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10, over $100 cheaper than the most recent OnePlus phone. Until now, the best value
in mobile for U.S. shoppers. If it delivers on its promises, the Pixel 3A will become the new go-to for Android users on a budget. It won’t even be close.
(upbeat music) Now, look, Google had to make
compromises to hit that price. The Pixel 3A is polycarbonate
instead of glass, and while it’s only a
gram lighter than the 3, you can definitely tell you’re
holding a plastic phone. Beneath that skin, there’s
no wireless charging coil, as there is on the Pixel 3. Up front, the glass is Dragontrail instead of Gorilla Glass 5. There’s no dust or
water resistance rating, and the Pixel 3’s double selfie cameras with their 75 and 97 degree
lenses have been condensed to a single 84 degree front-facer. Meanwhile, beneath the casing,
the top shelf processor of the Pixel 3 has been
replaced with the mid-tier Snapdragon 670 backed
up by just 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage
with no micro-SD card. Now, after just a day of using the phone, it’s impossible for me to say how much that Snapdragon downgrade will
affect the speed over time. Right now, the only place
I can see a slowdown is in photo processing,
which takes about two to three seconds longer on the
Pixel 3A in Night Sight mode. It’s also too soon to say
how the battery will hold up. Its capacity is almost identical
to that of the Pixel 3, and that’s not great news. The latter has never been
an endurance champion. In fact, about the only spec
change most will be happy to see is the return
of the headphone jack. But I keep coming back to
those pillars of the Pixel. The features like call screening, the Titan M security chip,
the guaranteed updates. Then, there’s the crazy
video stabilization, and those very, very good portrait shots. Those Night Sight low-light photos that are some kind of magic. Folks, this is the camera
that’s kept the Pixel 3 in my pocket for seven months. It’s a photographic force,
and now, you can get it for $400, that’s crazy.
(upbeat music) You fellow phone geeks
I talked about before might see this as a return to
the halcyon days of Android when phones like the
Nexus 5 walked the edge between quality and value. Well, the Nexus family never
broke into the mainstream because Google wasn’t really
trying to make that happen, and the Pixel hasn’t made it big because it’s been relatively
rare and also overpriced. Well, the 3A solves the pricing problems, and Google’s renewed hardware ambition might just do the rest. And now, again, it’s only been a day, and I never recommend you
run out and buy a product based solely on first impressions, especially a product like
this, which comes on the heels of the Pixel 3’s spotty reputation. But if the Pixel 3A does
what it’s designed to do, does it well, I really believe that it’s about to change everything. (upbeat music) Folks, if you don’t dig the
just black, clearly white, and new purple-ish paint
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no other compensation was requested or provided,
and Google was not granted copy approval, they’re seeing this video at the same time you are. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends.

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