Google Maps Tips and Tricks: 30 Google Maps Tricks You Should Try Today!!

Google Maps is by far the most popular navigation app in the world full of hidden navigation features geospatial search and customization tools these are 30 tips and tricks you need to try to add multiple destinations in the Google Maps mobile app just enter your starting point and your destination and then click the three dots in the top-right corner this will prompt a popover menu with the option to add stop click that and you can add a route with multiple stops access google maps offline search or navigate of the location you’d like to go while offline and tap the bottom of the screen in the pop-up menu select download and assuming you have enough storage on your device download that map when finding directions on the desktop version of Google Maps you are able to maneuver your route to go through or away from specific locations just click and drag any part of your direction route to move around this only works with directions for walking driving or biking find directions on the web version of maps just use a right-click anywhere on the map and it will prompt a pulldown list which you can use to find directions to often that location use the right-click tool to calculate the distance of any two points on earth just choose measure distance this will drop a point signified by a white dot with a bold black line then click anywhere else on the map and the distance between the points will be calculated those with mobility issues can now search for wheelchair accessible transit routes type your destination into Google Maps next tap on directions and select the public transportation icon next tap on options and under the root section you’ll find wheelchair accessible as a new route type select this option Google Maps will show you a list of possible routes that take mobility needs into consideration Google has added companies like uber and other ride-sharing services to its mobile app once you enter your destination click the uber icon or other mass transit option you’ll then be presented with nearby ride share options along with the estimated time and fer Street View has a huge collection of street imagery over the years in 2014 Google introduced a way for users to see how Street View has changed over time like a virtual time machine as a four dimensional cartographic experience in Street View click on the little stopwatch icon in the top left corner which will prompt a sliding scale and it will allow you to jump through street views over time while you can maneuver the street view with your mouse or pad you can also get around with your keyboard it’s not just satellites and Google employees roaming every street to get 360 degree picture of your house there are a number of cameras and editing software supported by Google anyone can create and upload their own Street view to Google Maps you can jump over Google Earth by simple clicking the satellite inset in the bottom left-hand corner the earth view offers a comprehensive and oddly seamless mashup of Street View and satellite imagery once in satellite view one cool option is to click on the 3d icon on the right hand side this allows you to virtually fight through just about anywhere in the world hold the control button on PC or command on Mac OS to pivot around any axis using your mouse or trackpad zoom in far enough and you’ll be amazed with the landscapes you can also tap on any building or feature to identify it and prompt an information card you have the power to build your own custom google map and fill it with important information to you if you are signed into Google Maps on the desktop click the hamburger menu next in your places next on maps and next on create map once in the my maps feature you can add pinpoints with info cards highlight whole sections or create customized walking or driving directions to share your new map or invite others to edit click on the share button in the top left corner it’s the same interface as sharing documents in Google Drive Google Maps search function is sophisticated enough to find types of businesses near places you can search for a pet store near World Trade Center in New York City or a book stores near the White House or even a shoe store near work or home on the desktop version of maps you can watch real-time traffic data clicking on the traffic link from the menu in the top left corner in the bottom Center you’ll then find an overlay that will allow you to choose between live traffic and typical traffic which will allow you to see expected traffic patterns at specific times Google Maps can provide turn-by-turn directions based on live traffic data but it can also provide you with what the parking situation might be when you search for driving directions to a location on iOS or Android you may find a little P logo at the bottom of the screen along with one of the three following designations remember where you parked on Android tap the blue location dot and select save your parking which will add a label to the Maps app identifying way parked tap on it to add details like parking garage level and spot or the amount of time left before a beta expires you can also send me to reminder add a photo of where you parked and send your parking location to friends ever you tried to figure out which direction you need to go start tilting your phone in different directions Google Maps uses beta from your phone’s gyroscope to figure out your direction and orientation so the simply act of tipping your phone left or right will show you which direction you should go google maps now lets you’ll share your current location with people for specific periods of time if you share your location with a specific contact they’ll see your icon moving in real-time on their map search for a place that has indoor maps indoor mapping has been incorporated into the greater Maps echo system previously you could only find these details on the mobile version however these indoor street views are now available in the web version to see the floorplan zoom into the map and click on a building or place and next in the bottom right choose among levels and floors google maps have over 10,000 locations available around the world and growing please visit the partner list for a list of selected locations Google Maps lets you share some of your favorite places with a friend you can add an entry to a list or create a new lists of favorites from just about any location if you want to interact with maps while you’re driving you can just use the okay google voice commands for example if you notice you’re running low on gas from the Google Maps Android app say okay Google find gas stations and it will show gas stations on the map or house traffic ahead how’s the weather for tomorrow in Gotham City what’s the closest hotel or play my favorite playlists on google play music the Pegman or alternatively the Pegman you can pick little Peggy and drop him anywhere on maps once in Street View mode he will be oriented with the current view in the embedded map window many people and organizations use the pro version of maps to create delicious visuals you can explore some examples at maps google comm gallery the google explore tab offers recommendations for restaurants bars and cafes in any area you’re interested in researching the Apple so offers trending lists of places and top events you might want to check out it can be customized by your own recommendations especially if you have location history enabled consider becoming a local guide anyone can leave reviews and tips and Google Maps local guides allows you to end points for leaving more insights and data reviews in exchange you can earn an early access to Google products exclusive Google meetings and even extra google drive space for more info visit maps local guides google maps is a global products there are versions of maps tailored for different nations and languages you can view these nations specific sites by switching the domain and the URL if you wanted information in Japanese you will change it to Google Co JP maps for Portuguese Google PT Maps and so on but regardless of what domain you are in you can search for cities in multiple languages Google recently added 39 more languages to its Maps app if your native language hasn’t been available on Google Maps in the past you can now recheck your default language settings at the bottom of the page you will see a footnote window this is where you’ll find the copyright info the copyright will change as you move around the globe you find also the boring legal terms you will also find send feedback to help keep maps up to date click on it to prompt a pop-up window where you can report map problems like missing roads or other issues an easter egg is an intentional inside joke a hidden message or image a secret feature overwork ask for directions between Snowden and Brecon Beacons and one of the options will be via Dragon which will take about 37 minutes or the Pegman turning into a spaceship when dropped over area 51 Google business models is built around digital services Google supports these services by renting out your online searches to advertisers Google keeps a very detailed record of your digital activities including everything you search on Google Maps if you want to delete all your searches click on menu and enter in history next click on delete activity by and choose to delete your activity by date alternatively you can click on an individual query and delete just that from your permanent google record you can also can control what data gets saved to your account with your activity controls for instance the web and app activity location history device information or voice and audio activity for more info on Google Maps follow the links in video description below thanks for watching and I see you in next videos Cheers you

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  1. Can you guys show me an animation on google maps of the people excuvating for the new Martinsburg,WV Weisses? Can you guys show me an animation of the people excuvating for the new Martinsburg,WV Weisses?

  2. Hi< I'm planning a motorcycle road trip, and I want to record the
    route I've taken, so I can show where I was when I took pictures after I
    get home. Is there an option for this on Google Maps, or do you know of
    an easy iphone app that will do this? Thanks for you help, Mike

  3. How to fix google maps in the foreground while I am driving?
    many users from all over the world ask this question to which nobody
    has answered. If you receive a call while you are using Google Maps, the
    directions are minimized or even disappear. This involves very serious
    driving difficulties, risking making road accidents or getting a fine
    from the police.

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