Google Maps Introduction

>>Welcome to Google Maps.
You can use Google Maps to easily search for places and addresses.
For instance, if you want to look up the National Museum in Nairobi, type in the address and
click on “search in maps.” With the click of a button, you can switch
from map view to terrain view or to satellite view.
You can even see the cars on the street. When you’re looking at the map, you can drag
it by clicking on it, and then move it around. You can also explore the area around it.
It’s easy to zoom in and out on, and to simply drag the map from sight to sight, to get a
better view of your location. If you’re looking for businesses or other
olocal information, you can enter the business you’re looking for and the city name, and
click on “sarch in maps.” If you want more information, click on a marker
to display more information. If you’re looking for a street, you can enter
the street name you’re looking for and the city name, and click on “search in maps.”
That’s a brief intro to Google Maps. Now go try it yourself.
Explore your home town or the whole world with

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