google li trips playground Computer

This is an example of the multimedia app this is called google lit trips and what this app does is people map the geography of literature on to google earth so you can see its geography as you’re
reading the literature in this case this is Homer’s odysseus and uh… these are his voyages in red and the various markers are places that
that the person who designed this has put in extra information so for instance when you see the
cattle of helios we can click on this green place right
here and this brings up any additional
picture with addition information the cattle
helios they aren’t supposed to eat the cattle of the sungod s and its either death at sea for punishment or starvation for obedience so they get to make a choice, not a very good choice, and so here they show the geography of the area and they show where in odysseus’ travels the cattle of helios shows up you can create your own you can have your students create the or you can use those that created by other
teachers let’s pull out a here a little bit uh… and so that we can see the whole
map again and uh… so there’s there’s a lot of
opportunities here for both your students and for yourself
and this is called google lit trips you need google earth installed on your
computer and then this file is called .kml file uh… open the .kml file it will
automatically open in google earth with this overlay

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