43 thoughts on “Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities | ADA 25th Anniversary

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  2. Sudanese Rehabilitation Center for the Blind المركز السوداني لتأهيل المكفوفين says:

    Happy #ADA25.
    Thanks #Google for improving the community of disabled people around the world.

  3. When ever I see those wheelchair accessible signs I never think twice about them and braille on a restroom sign or elevator I thought it was second nature to put them there, but it's nice to know people fought for those privileges and where heard.

  4. Fat people are discriminated against. I think all interviews should be done in a matter where you don't have to see the person… But that will never happen.

  5. It's embarrassing, really, that this video in particular doesn't have a caption file attached to it in order to provide accurate captions.

  6. I wouldn't ever thumbs down a video posted by Google…. Google knows you better than your closest friends

  7. Do they give thought to how big a burden it imposes on society to feed their sense of entitlement though. If you can do a job, sure. But insisting on false applause from the entire world…. isn't that just another sickness. Handicap parking spots stand empty while the rest are used. Expensive building modifications and codes imposed on new buildings to accommodate what is rarely if ever used. A golf club where only able people come is required to have wide ramps and special oversized toilets.
    Instead of massive clumsy wheel chairs in expensive modified cars and special parking lots, how about some motorized leg braces so they can stand up with a thin footprint like the rest and pick up the wheel chair from the back or even use that standup brace as the means for mobility. Fix yo shit, instead of imposing a lot on the 99.9999% others. Same with the insanity that electric cars must have artificial sound to cater to the super few blind people who move in traffic. Devices for them, not imposed on the entire world. I can't remember the last time I have seen a blind person out in traffic.
    And the best way to deal with handicap is to make sure it doesn't happen in the future. Genetic screening, no medical botches, not promoting wars based on lies. I'm looking at you, evil google.
    Proactive instead of sickly patchwork and pc pandering.

  8. this simple reklama.how many people today dont house eat eround war-isis,hamas.hezbolah Iran with nuclear bomb

  9. This is great for those people in this video who have become the "icons" of disabled persons in the U. S. A.

    Otherwise, this video is pure bullshit.  I have three University degrees, and cannot work in my fields… either because those positions are "not open" to persons who do not have 2 – 5 years working experience in their fields, or… because of my Asperger's Syndrome Autism.

    How on earth can I get 2 – 5 years experience if I cannot even get a job?

    I must be thankful to work for $8 per hour auditing customer service calls for a company that hires only disabled individuals, part time, so they don't have to pay benefits.  Well, I can forget any other jobs.  I will not get them.  Thank God for J. :Lodge, LLC.  At least I MIGHT have an employment opportunity next month.

  10. I am heaing impaired. I have deaf in my right ear since the age of 17. I am now 51 years old. My life has been difficult due the lack of hearing. People are often very cruel and impatient. I have lost jobs due to my not being able to understand what was being said. Supervisors would say mean things like "You hear what want to hear!" People can be bullies.

  11. I'm a disabled veteran and the town I live in Albion, WA. is set up for the parking lot door (handicapp entrance),but it is kept LOCKED! I've filed complaints and then they put a button you push when you want to have access. I feel like I'm pointed out because if the door was unlocked during business hours, I could enter like anyone else. The City says they are complying w/ADA and I call BS! Even my Senator (Patty Murray) has sent letters, w/NO help.
    PLEASE pass this discrimination notice around…this kind of action cannot be tolerated and it's 25 years old people. The Mayor is Randy Crowner zip code 99102.PLEASE HELP ME W/THIS VIOLATION. Thank you my friends…Town ph# 509.332.5095.

  12. Is Google Australia doing something similar to help Australians with Disabilities eg a not–for-profit like 'Hear For You' who help deaf and hearing-impaired teenagers to reach their goals?

  13. A Military Veteran in a power chair enters a Veterans' Hospital Campus thru a dangerous intersection. Please sign petition to help expedite traffic signal project. See YouTube video at  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sawallesh and then sign free petition, anonymously if you like at  

  14. You need to do a commercial with a girl with Autism and ADHD who is verbal and uses Google Translate to learn different languages!

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