66 thoughts on “Google Home Audio Accessibility Features

  1. when i ask it to play a song it used to go on my YouTube history app, now it stopped doing it, WHY??

  2. Great product indeed. I have lot of more ideas as Google home audio accessibilities…if you have interest.. may contact with me.Thanks

  3. please Google, can we add another option to awake the device other than just saying OK Google? maybe changing the name of the assistant, will feel more personal?

  4. Make it so I don't need to say "hey" everytime. Il just say "alexa" til. If not it'll stay in my drawer.

  5. The first thing thing I I recommend being on by default. Otherwise you HAVE TO be looking at it to know if it's listing. So you can do something else while asking it whatever.
    And I think the last should be on by default.

  6. Why can’t Google afford a NOT indian guy, and maybe a happier one than him? Just make it interesting not boring as hell

  7. That is incredible! I like Google Assistant! I can add a schedule to my calendar 👍 it gets so much done!

  8. The Google Assistant is missing so much features here in Germany…why? It's this Trump-thing with "America first"?
    Free the Assistant in Germany!

  9. In what universe do you use ok Google so many times in one video can't you blank it out or use some separate representative word so you don't trigger all of my Google homes in my house

  10. excellent tool and really a boon to impaired persons and kudos to Kiran having an association with this wonderful task .

  11. The fact that you suspended Business with Huawei makes me not want to use you any of your products. Congrats on beeing puppets!

  12. Google how can you do this!! Are you being controlled by the US government? How can you do this to one of the best tech companies that exist??? What anti competitive behaviour!!!

  13. Hope for that Huawei incident they will have to pay billions of compensation to the Huawei customers.

    Currently looking for a new midrange smartphone….won't be a Huawei, but definitely also not the pixel 3a, which was top on my list….. Until now

  14. Guys ! Please doing something about remove supoort Huawei. That decision sound a real dictatorship completely against open source software philosophy.

  15. Ha-ha, this is too funny! Americans finally revealed their evil tails, clear evidence, United States accuses the China government manipulating Huawei, however…United States itself manipulating Google, where is democracy, freedom and fair competition? world's strongest democratic and free country was Scared and shivered by a mobile phone, when did Americans become so weak and timid? I suspect that the US government controls all US companies to monitor the world.

  16. TODOS usuario que desea estar debidamente informado debe usar las diferentes opciones que te está compañía de comunicación abierta.

  17. That's how you respect and be reckoned, bought 2 weeks ago, honor 8x spent $ 200 this is the floor of my salary … and I find out recently that you declared war on them … You would have fought with your apples nibbled, the war was declared by companies and they will suffer in the end account ordinary people, Thanks Google, thank you USA

  18. You guys should make portable speakers that can wirelessly stereo pair with each other… That has Google assistant in it

  19. I need somebody to manisurbat with me. Please help I have no experience with this with another human being.

  20. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-account-manager/google-account-manager-6-0-1-release/

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