Google Fi Review After 11 Months of Travel 📱 Google Fi International Service

In this video, I share my thoughts on
Google Fi after 11 months of international travel. Spoiler alert they
shut down my international data what is going on YouTube greetings from Valencia
Spain this is my eleventh remote year country and the seventeenth country I’ve
traveled to this year. This is my third Google Fi video the first one I shot
in December 2018 and that was my first successful YouTube
video it has about 34,000 views now and still in my top 5 videos I’ve done like
I mentioned before I visited 17 countries this year 11 with the program
I’m travelling with remote year I actually lived in those 11 countries for
30 days I lived in Peru Chile Colombia Mexico
Vietnam Thailand Japan Malaysia Croatia Portugal and now Spain and I travelled
to a few additional countries as well and Google Fi worked phenomenally in all
of them I have never had an issue with cell phone coverage and almost always
have LTE data even in Laos while on the Mekong River
I had LTE service as a full time traveler Google Fi was an answer to my
cell service prayers until last month out of nowhere I got an email from
Google Fi saying hey look you’ve been out of the country for a while and if you
don’t return to the United States we’re going to cancel your international data
I already knew that Google fly had that policy but I read on the internet when I
was researching the service that they didn’t really enforce it that often
well that’s changed a lot of the people I’m on remote year with got that email
as well and had their data shut down when I got this email I knew I was going
to New York next month so I was just hoping hoping that I’d be able to get
back to the United States ping on a u.s. cell tower and then Google Fi wouldn’t mess
with me anymore well just weeks before my trip they shut down my international
data I contacted their customer service and
said hey look I’m a travel writer in trouble vlogger is there any way I can
get my international service restored I’m about to go to New York City
they said hey we can submit you for a waiver but we can’t guarantee that it
would get approved so I submitted that waiver and a few days later surprisingly
I got an email from Google Fi saying that my International Service had been
restored real quick let me go into exactly what happens so they shut off
your international data but you can still make cell phone calls your cell
phone still works your number still works they just shut your data down if
you can get back to the United States every like three to six months and ping
on a u.s. cell tower you shouldn’t have this issue just a little side note about
when they shut your international data off once they do that it doesn’t matter
if you ping on a u.s. cell tower later your international data service is not
gonna start back up again once they shut it down it’s gone so you’re gonna have
to call them once you get back to the States and say hey look I’m back in the
States I’m not traveling anymore can you turn
my international data on from when I go on shorter travel trips so this is
definitely something you want to think about when you’re getting Google Phi
especially if you’re gonna be out of the country a lot okay so that’s my Google
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16 thoughts on “Google Fi Review After 11 Months of Travel 📱 Google Fi International Service

  1. Wow…that sucks! I just recently joined Google Fi and plan on going on extended travel overseas towards the end of this year. So basically you were out of the country for 10 months before you got a warning from Google Fi, correct? So what are your plans going forward after you get back to the states? Changing providers? What about this scenario? Go to South America for 6 months, then go to South East Asia with a layover in the U.S. for a few hours. Do you think that would restart the clock?

  2. You visited 17 countries this year? That must have been exhausting considering the year is only 11 days old… 😋😉😊

  3. Interesting (and very useful) information. I had assumed the rule was also based on your data use. In other words, you figure they probably lose money on every international gig of data you use. Their business model assumes most people travel infrequently enough that those occasional losses from overseas data wash out. So keeping your monthly data use low when overseas would help you stay under the radar, even if you were out of the U.S. for long stretches.

    But this suggests that they aren't being nearly that strict about this. If you all got the same letter at roughly the same time, and presumably used significantly different amounts of data over those 11 months, it suggests exactly what you say, that they are just basically tracking the intervals between when you ping a U.S. tower as their only enforcement mechanism on that rule and they don't really care how much data you use while overseas.

    I should get back to the U.S. frequently enough that I will not be anywhere near the 11 month limit. I will, however, probably spend just about half of 2020 overseas. I was a little worried about where the line was, but this sounds like I'll be just fine. I guess I am about to find out.

    One other data point you may want to share: were you all signed up for unlimited data or were some of you doing the pay by the gig plan? In other words, does it not matter what plan you are on before they come down on you for being gone too long?

  4. It almost happened to me during my world travels in 2019 I was out of the country for 7 months and Google Fi sent me an email to basically warn me that I have been out of the country for more then 3 months and that they will cancel my data if I am not back in the USA to resume Fi data service. Calling and text message will still work outside of the USA but no data on Google FI. I opted to buy sim cards in all the countries I visited so I never had Fi to shut off on me. I did get my Pixel 3 stolen in Vietnam but that's another story to tell lol

  5. I wonder if you would’ve gotten that waiver if you hadn’t been a Vlogger or some other kind of person who reviews google fi.

    My guess is you if you were a standard tourist you would’ve been out of luck.

  6. Hey, dude. Didn't you say you weren't a country counter? I have no clue about Google fi at all. But WHATEVER! Ill just watch your videos because i have nothing better to do. Because i cant go do sports.

  7. Hi. This is my story. I have Google Fi since Sep 2019. I live in Venezuela, so what I do is my Google Fi number is registered in Hang out. I can receive call and SMS and for Data, I have a local SIM. It’s cheaper and only spend $20 in my monthly statement. My device is an IPhone

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