Google Expeditions Visits Denmark

If you could choose anywhere in the world where would you go? I would really want to go to Egypt. I would like to go to Hawaii. I would like to go to South Africa. because I would like to see the vulcanos and how it is to live there. Theses glasses are what you will use. Suddenly I’m wearing these glasses made out of cardboard with a phone in it. Boys and girls, glasses up! Are you ready? Let’s go! The most amazing thing about this is to see the children’s reactions to new ways of teaching. When I first put on the glasses I thought: “Wow!” It was like actually being in the place I saw. I think it gives the children a realistic image of how it feels to actually be in the locations they’re seing. I see a fish. Corals. Some sharks right infront of me. Now there’s a diver right beside me. This can bring new perspectives to teaching that you don’t normally see. It’s fantastic when learning and play can go hand in hand. I think they’re really cool. The places on Earth can look very different from what you had imagined. I like to learn about that.

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