100 thoughts on “Google Docs: A love letter

  1. Loser! He can't write a love letter by himself! At almost the end of the video, everybody knows about his feelings, except Jessica.

  2. asu baby, Jessica is not married – that ring is on her RIGHT hand! CUTE video! I think it's funny that Yvonne sent it to Jessica-although we would get in trouble 4 that haha. "an assortment of MMORPGs""????!!! FUNNNY!! Awesome vid Google!

  3. Now who is going to edit him when he is talking to her on his date? He'll need a whole panel coaching him on a bluetooth on how to carry a normal conversation over coffee…

  4. I love Google Docs. I started using it when I didn't have microsoft word but now that I do have word (new computer), I still use Google Docs often. In fact I just finished a report using Google Docs.

  5. just say (in her face) 'i love u will u go out wiv me?' if she thinks ur faking it ,lean forward and kiss her.From experienced kids:)

  6. This video is great….
    I know Google services are the best but i'm almost 100% sure, although they are the best and the videos are great most of the people use Microsoft Office.. Am i right?

  7. @487mnj Google.Doc doesn't require any reader, this is unlike Microsoft.Live. I tried Microsoft.Live, but its dependence on Microsoft.Word is… to slooow… You can use Google.Doc for fun and for quick sharing.

  8. I heard this song waaaay back like a year ago on CBC's show Rick Mercer Report and ever since, I wanted to know the name to this song… Anyone know the name to this song?

  9. times where you just want to kno the song…but realised its been composed simply of programs like "GarageBand"

  10. @augustbaby24 First I thought it was an industrial one, but now it looks like some multi language type of thing.

  11. Google is cool. Google connects with youtube, you can search for stuff, make websites, google docs, google voice… too bad it mispelled "googol"

  12. @augustbaby24 well its a special keyobard that contains shourtcut icones on the keys
    look these up online for images
    adobe premier keyboard
    sony vegas keyboard
    protools keyboard

  13. still woulda been funnier if Jessica had been the first to see it, then at the end he turned it around and tried again and still got turned down.

    More realistic too.

  14. Jessica – reverts changes. "An assortment of MMORPGs?! You know that I am recovering from a RuneScape addiction. I'm sorry. No!"

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