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  1. Chrome it's great and awesome. But in Windows 8.1 the video/audio playback makes some "LAG" in a lot of notebooks. But Chrome still the best

  2. You guys should try Google Chrome Canary for Windows 8.1.  Just go to Default Programs, set Canary as default, and watch awesomeness occupy the screen!
    Advanced Steps V
    1) Download from http://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/canary.html‎
    2) Control Panel > Default Programs > Set your default programs > Google Chrome Canary > Set this program as default
    3) Customize and control Google Chrome Canary (a.k.a. the three bars) > Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode
    4) Get a huge screen, maybe steal one from Times Square, and enjoy moving a bunch of Chrome windows around the screen!

  3. Google chrome, it's faster than a speeding potato, it's faster than sound, it's faster than lightning. but somehow, it's NOT faster than a Firefox.

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  5. Best Ever! Opera 12.17 (12.6 MB) ~ http://www.opera.com/computer ~ Ctrl+Find 12 
    Owners Manuel ~ http://www.opera.com/help/computer ~ 12 Smaller Lighter Faster.
    Best Quality Extensions, Email Manager, Chat, Sync, IRC client, Archive the Internet as a single file = .MHT best File Type! Only inside Presto Engine & More! 

    Change Log: Inferior Google Chrome from ver.15 on, money bribed Opera for year. 
    http://www.opera.com/docs/changelogs/windows/ They still support Version 12 ~ !!

  6. This was to show how fast Chrome renders web pages. Any web browser will run fast or slow depending on your internet speed, that's not really of control of the browser. What is of control of the browser is the speed at which it loads that webpage's content.

  7. the video doesnt say that its all local and just a speedtest of a computer to render the program, not in any way an actual speedtest measurement of a browser loading a webpage.  Im sure a supercomputer with a top of the line monitor could render the page even faster, why not do that and have it all piped to a cardboard box and just write "your home computer" on the side of the box and trick everyone that way? 

  8. Page is not loading but it's already loaded and generated. They load page and than go to back. Then they click forward and page has loaded from cache memory not from Web…

  9. I have 987mbps and only costs $20 a month and will be getting 10gbps when it's rolled out. I also have 70mbps on my phone, us koreans put the rest of the world to shame when it comes to broadband speeds

  10. GGGGGGGGooooooooooooogggggggggggggllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. no switch for users to load all tabs, booooo, older versions of firefox leave Chrome in the dust. Load and view 50 tabs 10 times faster than chrome – no more white screens on Chrome.

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  13. Chrome is an amazing browser. I use it on my laptop. On phone I use Edge to earn points. I know Microsoft is building a Chrone-Edge browser tbr soon. Happy testing! The vid was great, btw.

  14. Jungle conclusions…. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo

  15. Good shit…

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