Google Calendar Desktop App – Introduction to DejaOffice PC for Google

Today we’re going to show you how to use DejaOffice
CRM to manage Google contacts, calendar, and tasks directly from your PC. And we’ll also show you some of the features
that are included in DejaOffice CRM for Google. I’m starting with all my data in Google, as
you can see in my browser. I’m going to download DejaOffce CRM for Google
using the link below. Once downloaded, I’ll run the installer and
follow the on-screen instructions to install DejaOffce CRM on my computer. The first time I run DejaOffice CRM I’ll get
a setup wizard. I’ll just accept the standard options that
it gives me, and, as I go through the wizard, Google will display a request for permission
to access its data, which is what you’re seeing here. I’ll click on Allow, and then I’ll click OK. And I’ll click Yes, when it asks if I’m ready
to begin synchronizing. The sync completes within a few seconds, and
I have all my Google data now on my desktop. I don’t want to have to open DejaOffice every
time I need to use my calendar, so I’m going to pin a Windows Calendar Widget to my desktop
using the pushpin icon. With the widget, I can make and edit events
directly from my pinned calendar on my Windows desktop. DejaOffice will monitor Google for changes
in the background, so that any changes I make to Google will automatically get pushed to
DejaOffice, and any changes I make in DejaOffice will get automatically pushed to Google. Let’s bring my iPhone up here and I’ll show
you. My iPhone is connected to my Google account,
so it has all the same data as DejaOffice. And since they’re both connected through Google,
that means that they’ll stay in sync with each other. For example, I can schedule an appointment
in DejaOffice CRM directly from my calendar widget. We’ll call it “Meeting with Ben” for, say,
5 PM. DejaOffice will automatically push the appointment
up to Google, and then to my iPhone. Thanks for watching the video. Subscribe to our channel and feel free to
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  2. Thanks for the video.
    Is there a list of "BENEFITS" of using DejaOffce CRM for Google vs just using Google Calendar and Contacts on the PC?

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