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Dieting isn’t going to work. Gym is the only option. Will search for one nearby. Otherwise it’ll be just another excuse. Yup. They’ll make for good trainers. Opening timings…11 o’clock. Perfect. Only the society ladies will be in at that time. Ask the google app and get phone numbers, ratings and photos of Gyms near you. What are you doing at 11:00 AM tomorrow? You’re going to the gym. Is my belly popping out?

33 thoughts on “Google App – Nearby Answers Made Easy – Gyms Near Me

  1. what's up with these ads veering towards sexism now? would we accept the husband micromanaging the wife's life like that and sending her off to the gym during the hours no guys will attend just because he didn't like the way she looked?

  2. vineeta and suparv…one of the best adds on Tv running now…..i liked this pair much more than AMAZON PRIME's

  3. These two are so irritating.. Change them.."Dating To na ho payegi" , "hum khaye dal chawal aur aap khaye biriyani" – mawali types dialog.. I just can't tolerate these two😈

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  5. Madam's public profile might be this 😁😁😁😁

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