GITZO トラベラーカメラバッグ!Century Traveler Camera Backpack GCB100BP

Hello It is Koike of Studio D-ROOM Sapporo Hokkaido Japan I am shooting movie equipment for the first time in a long time I prefer GITZO products, but This GITZO There are many review videos about tripods and heads And there are many web sites, too In addition to GITZO There are shoulder straps and bags I was concerned about GITZO’s camera bag this time We actually examined it for hand at a mass merchandising store etc. I felt it was pretty good I do not know what it is like with the feeling actually used at the shooting place Information that can be found at the shop Is the bag easy to open? Are there many pockets? And so on A review of people actually using Japanese I was not even looking for YouTube Of overseas Promotional videos existed There was not a Japanese publisher of review videos erhaps GITZO’s bags in Japan may not be popular However There are many cheap and highly functional bags There are many reviews of those reviews Review video on GITZO’s camera bag was zero If so, I was going to buy this bag I am filming this, trying to shoot introductory videos by myself Let’s quickly see it.

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