GISC – This Is My School! – Das Ist Meine Schule!

German International School’s student movie, take 1. Can we get final looks? You look great. Thank you. Interview with the Director, take 1. Welcome to the German International School
Chicago. Cue the second graders. Check sound. Move to the third graders. Scene – wait. Cue the company. Action. This is my school. This is my school. This is MY school
Das ist MEINE Schule. What do you like about the school? I like that we have music classes. Learning and writing. Field trips and I like the library. I have piano. I like to make new friends. I like the playground. It’s very fun. And we get to learn three languages – more
than only two – and one. I love everybody that’s filming right now. Where are the interns? Where are the interns? Wo sind die Praktikanten? This is my school. My school. This is my school. And I want it to be yours. Yours. Yours. Deine Schule! End. That’s a wrap for our student film. Auf Wiedersehen! It’s me, I was the camera guy!

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