50 thoughts on “Giant Crocodile Captured Alive in Philippines 21ft long WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

  1. maybe this magnificent creature can be relocated to a sanctuary where rapists, murderers, pedophiles etc. can be hamstrung and left to fend for themselves…and filmed..!!! and then in turn be viewed by victims and family of victims…

  2. It's big.
    We humans are not intelligent enough to avoid it, so it must be tied up, then eventually killed or put into captivity.

  3. Leave it alone people!!!! If its killing civilians and theyre aware of its presence in that area then they should smarten up and stay the fuck away from its home! Okay so its alright that the place is safer but the way ive seen them treat crocs are fuckin cruel man!!!

  4. Wow why are they crowding around it like that? Stupid fucks just leave it alone you already captured it. If it broke loose and started killing all those people they would feel stupid! And is there a limit to how big these things can get?

  5. This is an example of human pushing their habitat over the wild animals territory. The Phillippine government should designate the area into a protected national park and protect these giant crocodile species.

  6. @foodtologist The croc only kills people because they are seen as food in his territory. The croc and his territory should be left alone instead of people making villages near where he lives. It's the same as if a burglar goes into your house, and you would whoop his ass too.

  7. @Chegriffs THAT IS THE GREATEST IDEA EVER!!! We can turn our picture of justice from "fair" to scary and bloody. ….watch the crime rates drop HAHA

  8. Some of these villages in poorer countries do not have the luxury of placing villages anywhere and have to live near a water source (unfortunately so do crocodiles) .HOW DARE anyone ask these ppl who are struggling to survive to move their families for an animal….as it is they will try to keep the croc alive and well cared for. The tourism the help bring money to their poor village.

  9. @dachristianrocks100 hindi pinatatamaan ang pilipino na buwaya tau what they mean is ung mga politiko buawaya sila garapalan . . . alam mo nmn jan kilala ang pinas

  10. Anyone who thinks this is cruel and says this is animal cruelty, FUCK YOU. That thing kills people. Which is more motherfucking important to you!? That that is amazing but as to be killed or caged or put in a fucking zoo!

  11. They better bread it so they can spread the genes. You can't blame an croc for eating a human. Food is food and the croc is just as desperate for food as those villagers. Should not be killed and should not be tortured. How many chickens or cows or fish have you eaten. What makes you the judge of this crocs life. There is no human to decide. No profanity used

  12. They should have killed it. Its a predatory animal, not a kitten or a puppy. You animal lovers sicken me.

  13. he was not killed, actually he was taken give proper care, also he died after a super typhoon struck our country, so we didn't kill him. the typhoon did…….

  14. He died because some said he has sickness I am just not sure but I think it's heart disease not a typhoon how could it possibly kill him

  15. i was quite late watching this. Yes the smart way of dealing something like this to keep in captivity or just kill it right away.

  16. I pity the Croc… But I will be more pitiful if a man's life will be taken by means of a horrible death… can you imagine yourself being shredded by a croc's jaws? Human's life is MORE important. If anyone or anything will be a threat to a man's life, then something really needs to be done… just a thought.

  17. why dont people just leave nature be. Its Gods creation just let it be. Im so sick of people acting like they done something big………puffing up with a big head cuz they caught something that GOD created. Its Gods creation not yours and if it is a threat then kill it in such a way that it has no misery or pain. Thats what God says to do. Instead, they catch it, puff up and brag about it…..then make it suffer for 2 years in captivity before it dies wow pat yourself on the backs you retards

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