Georgetown County Ecotourism

Georgetown County has an incredible
ecosystem surrounded by rivers the marsh the ocean and we try to play and have fun
in all of them at Surf the Earth we offer a variety
of uh… ecotourism opportunities we offer paddle board tours through
the marsh we also teach paddle boarding in the ocean we do guided kayak
tours full moon tours guided fishing trips we also offer paddle board
yoga classes and uh… some of the unique things that we offer are uh… we
do a kayak tour through Hobcaw Barony to the barrier islands and to some of
the ancient midland Indian islands and we also do paddle board tours through
Huntington Beach State Park paddle boarding basically dates back to
ancient Polynesian culture it’s been gaining popularity as a high-intensity kind of low impact
platform for exercise we have infused it
with a yoga practice well we have you know multiple multiple
water waterways we have several river systems that all empty into
Winyah Bay and we have creeks inlets estuaries um… it’s just a really uh… you know unique way to see Pawley’s
Island for locals and tourists I think the Indians used to consider
this a natural vortex it’s where all the water the 5 big rivers all lead right into
this area we’re surrounded by water so we pretty much have pristine beaches
pristine marsh ecosystem and uh… spectacular rivers and streams to
get into uh… the birding is fantastic the
fishing is awesome and uh… you know the best way to see it is by water and
we’re surrounded by it I think a lot of people don’t realize um… how much natural beauty on the water there is here from the creek to the
ocean to the river um… there’s just a lot right here at finger

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